Squad Celebrates 1 Million Sold Units With Alpha 13 Content Update

Offworld Industries is proud to announce that their tactical first-person shooter Squad sold over a million copies while in Early Access. To commemorate the achievement, Offworld has released Squad’s Alpha 13 update which implements Unreal Engine 4.21 and allows for more tanks, explosions, weapons, and all types of new military warfare to be added in-game. Squad is available for purchase on Steam Early Access for $39.99.

This latest update to Squad introduces new gameplay content:

  • Explosive Roles: Combat Engineer role is demolitions specialist that can deploy anti-tank mines and timed detonation charges. The Sapper role has added improvised explosive devices to their loadout as well.
  • Destruction Mode: This Rush-style game mode will pit two teams against each other, with Attackers tasked with locating and destroying two weapons caches per phase to proceed.
  • New Vehicle & Anti-Vehicle Items: The T-62 main battle tank deploys powerful offensive rounds but beware – players can now cause track and wheel damage to vehicles! The BRDM-2 Spandrel and MATV TOW-variant are new deployable solutions that can decimate enemy armored vehicles.
  • Infantry Weapon/ Deployable Additions: Playable factions will see the Skorpion Machine Pistol, SA80 bayonet, optics variant, and more loadout changes. New HAB abilities and deployment item changes have been made as well.

Check out the full patch notes to learn more about the update!

“Our team is thrilled and humbled by the outpouring of community support that Squad has received since we first launched into Early Access,” said Dustin Ross, Head Of Customer Experience at Offworld Industries. “Squad was started as a passion project for our team, who were a group of modders trying to create a game that captures combat realism while still being accessible. Squad is a direct result of that open creativity, and we continue to hold the importance of mods within high regard at Offworld Industries.”

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