It’s Burger Time As The Pixel Player Hits Shops

Pixel Player

There’s no doubt that the retro market has had something of a revival of late from the NES Mini to the Quarter Arcades Pacman Cabinet. Now My Arcade is out to spoil us with 300 retro adventures in the new Pixel Player Handheld Gaming System.

Already available online in Europe, the Pixel Player takes hundreds of 8-bit game and crams them into a diminutive shell for hours of mobile nostalgia. The Pixel Player might house a host of old school games, but the modern grip controls and portrait design should make this easy to pick up and play on the go. There is inclusion for power via batteries and, thankfully, micro-USB cable, meaning most of us should be able to just plug in a spare USB power bank.

The Pixel Player is no Nintendo Switch but it does play host to a plethora of games that some of us old-timers might just remember. A bunch of Data East titles features, including BURGER TIME™, KARATE CHAMP™, and BAD DUDES™. While this is just a sample of what the Pixel Player has in store, I’m hoping that there are some gems, resurrected from the archives for modern gamers to enjoy.

Amir Navid, Creative Director for My Arcade commented “My Arcade is dedicated to bringing the joys of arcade and retro gaming to today’s gamers, and the Pixel Player™ has been developed to replicate the 8-bit thrills of gaming’s greatest era,”

Anybody who wants to put that to the test won’t have to wait to find out if it does. The Pixel Player is already available over at Amazon and other major online retailers. To find out more about my youth, head over to the official My Arcade website to find out more

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