THQ Nordic Brings Back Winter With Fade To Silence Release

Newsflash! Spring has been canceled and Winter is here to stay – THQ Nordic has released Fade to Silence, a post-apocalyptic adventure, now available on PC ($39.99 on Steam), Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 ($49.99).

An ever-lasting eclipse has plunged the world into an eternal winter. Nature has been corrupted, and vicious Eldritch creatures roam the land. You take control of Ash, a man driven by the need to protect his daughter, Alice, as they try to survive this brutal environment. To do so you must first survive the cold – find other survivors, build up a base of operations, and then adventure deep into the arctic wastes in the search for resources. Go it alone, or play in co-op with a friend as you balance short term needs versus long term goals on your path to survival.

The cold is but one of the hazards to overcome in Fade to Silence. You can run, you can hide, but eventually, you will have to stand your ground and confront the horrible beasts which threaten your existence. Along the way, confront the voice that only you can hear – a voice that torments you, wearing at your soul while the environment breaks your body.

Fade to Silence is a mix of a puzzling story, resource gathering, and base building:

  • Explore a vast winter landscape: From a frozen river delta to once-lush farmlands and dense forests, each area features a myriad of locations to explore.
  • Tense atmosphere and unforgiving gameplay. This is a strategist’s game.
  • Wolf Sled Expeditions: Pack your sled, take a follower with you, and go on long-term expeditions into the farthest regions.
  • Recruit followers to get access to better gear, enabling you to survive the cold environment and increasingly dangerous creatures.
  • An exploration mode lets you roam the world and experience the story at your own pace.
  • Lead your followers and keep them alive. You will face harsh choices.

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