Google Stadia

Google Stadia The Details & Price Revealed

Google Stadia has finally come down off the cloud and we got to see a bit more of the Google games strategy yesterday. Now we know a lot more about cost, games, and hardware expectations. For anybody ...


Minecraft Might be the Biggest-selling Video Game of All Time Now

Minecraft is among the leading video games worldwide. Microsoft bought it at $2.5 billion in 2014. However, Minecraft was first released in 2009. It involves printing money using block-building equipm...

Satisfactory update

First Satisfactory Update Arrives

Coffee Stain Studios just released an update for their first-person factory builder Satisfactory (check out our Early Access review). Currently available on the Epic Games Store, this is the first maj...

Netflix E3

Netflix Helps To Fill The Void At E3 2019

Each year E3 (June 11-13) is a great place to find out about upcoming games, but with both EA and Sony opting out this year there is some space to fill at the convention hall. Although AMD using the E...


Variety To Shut Down Gaming News After E3

In the age of new media, Twitch, and Youtube writing about your favorite video games is a tough job and the big names do not always make it any easier. In a bitter blow, it seems that Variety magazine...

PRESS RELEASE – Hunt: Showdown Update 6.0 Is Live

FRANKFURT, Germany – May 2, 2019 – Hunt: Showdown fans have gotten their wish as Update 6.0, available now, brings a new boss to the playing field. The Assassin materializes in a whirlwind of bugs and...

Fade to Silence Release

THQ Nordic Brings Back Winter With Fade To Silence Release

Newsflash! Spring has been canceled and Winter is here to stay – THQ Nordic has released Fade to Silence, a post-apocalyptic adventure, now available on PC ($39.99 on Steam), Xbox One, and PlayS...

Madden 20 Cover Player Revealed

It’s almost NFL draft time, and just in front of the first pick, the cover athlete for Madden 20 has been revealed. As a Seahawks fan, I believe it should have gone to the highest paid QB in Russell W...

PRESS RELEASE: Heavy Metal Machines Gets New Season Ahead Of The Metal League Finals

Florianopolis, Brazil – April 24, 2019 – Hoplon, the developers behind post-apocalyptic car-combat MOBA, Heavy Metal Machines, today saw the launch of a new season of content in the ‘Metal Pass’ named...

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