Gaming Trends

Fastest Growing Gaming Trends of 2022

For its role in culture, entertainment, and technology, the gaming industry is considered to be one of the most exciting in tech. More than two billion people around the world are playing games on the...

Not For Broadcast Ready To Binge When It Launches Later This Month - sitting at the producer's control desk

Not For Broadcast Ready To Binge When It Launches Later This Month

Not For Broadcast launches later this month, bringing a chaotic mix of management and media manipulation to PC screens across the globe. Publisher Tinybuild just announced that the maniacal news manag...


Gamespace Weekly 23rd march

Gamespace Weekly 23 March is a chance to look back at the highlights from last week at Gamespace and it’s here now. While I’ve been busy staring at the same four walls for the last week, the rest of t...

xbox digital event e3

Xbox Digital Event Announced as E3 is Cancelled

Microsoft and Xbox have responded to the cancellation of E3, the yearly gameapalooza over in LA, with an Xbox Digital Event/ Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox and all round mouthpiece for team green, too...

GAMESPACE WEEKLY 9th march 2020

Gamespace Weekly 9th March 2020

Welcome back to Gamespace Weekly for the week of 9th March 2020 This week I’m out and about so it’s a quick round up of last week at Gamespace sans my face. We’ve had a hard week at Gamespace, a HARD-...

Gamespace Weekly 2nd March 2020

Gamespace Weekly 2nd March 2020

Gamespace Weekly is here. It’s the 2nd March 2020 and with pax East just gone there’s still plenty of other news to catch up on, outside of the con season. This is the eighth week we’ve brought you th...

Logitech Announces Full HD, 60fps StreamCam

Peripheral powerhouse Logitech announces the next camera in their lineup of webcam offerings, the Logitech StreamCam. With a sleek design, color options, new connection type, and more, this camera is ...

ArcheAge Unchained Livestream Recap

Berlin – The first ArcheAge Unchained Livestream began as an emotional Merve Lee Kwai (Executive Producer for ArcheAge, aka Khrolan) greeted the ArcheAge community with Community Managers Carend...

Headliner: NoviNews

Headliner: NoviNews Fact Checks The Nintendo Switch Soon

EXTRA! EXTRA! Get ready to make the news as Headliner: NoviNews brings its mass-market media appeal to the Nintendo Switch on 9 September. Originally published to PC around a year ago, Headliner: Novi...

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