ArcheAge Unchained Livestream Recap

Berlin – The first ArcheAge Unchained Livestream began as an emotional Merve Lee Kwai (Executive Producer for ArcheAge, aka Khrolan) greeted the ArcheAge community with Community Managers Carendash and Djaya. Before a jam packed FAQ started Khrolan shared that talks about Unchained began 2 ½ years ago with Trion Worlds that then went to XL Games Chief Executive Jake Song 1 ½ years ago.

Khrolan then went on to share how Trion Worlds did not fare so well but Gamigo picked them up and supported the ideas that had been put forward for ArcheAge Unchained. All members of the team in Europe and North America have been going over all content with a fine tooth comb in time for AcheAge Unchained release September 30th 2019 on PC and hopefully Steam.


  • Three Founders Packs Fixed costs for both regions
  • No Patron
  • No Monthly Subscription Fee
  • No Early Access Packages
  • Unchained will release with the full breath 6.0  Shadows Revealed update with Legacy


  • Unlock Daily Quests to earn progress against the bar
  • 45 levels, when complete everyone will earn basic rewards
  • Pay $10 to unlock the Premium Rewards
  • Cosmetic Items only referring Legacy costumes, crest brain storms, UCC tshirts, dye tickets
  • Diligent Coins: New currency available to all that you will be able to purchase items such as labor potion, housing support items etc


  • Will not be changing from the current system in game but feedback is still being encouraged.


  • In the Shadows Revealed (6.0) version there is a mechanic in place to reduce your crime rating though Khrolan has not yet experienced this version. Potions that also reduce crime rating are currently not in the Unchained version.


  • Everyone on Unchained will be able to be a Landlord. Land will be locked until the first Saturday of launch to give everyone a fairer chance to get land. Tax Certificates, Labor potions will not be available on the store so this will alleviate land availability concerns though of course this will not eliminate land rush. You will be able to buy tax certificates with diligence coins. Emphasis was also put on how much land will be available including Anar, Rokhala mountains along with shared gardens.


  • No labor potions, no lock potions.
  • Full catalog costume and housing items that have no stats for direct purchase
  • Salon tickets, gender changing tickets, crest brain storms
  • No Mounts
  • Glider Skins available but need base glider
  • Most other items will be available with Diligence coins or available via game mechanics.


  • Europe & North American servers between the 2 to 4 range for each region
  • Completely separate server to Legacy
  • You can have a character on EU & NA but progress will be separate
  • No items can be transferred between Legacy and Unchained
  • No South American server for launch talks still on going with XL for future


  • Hiram Gear will be available
  • Auto Loot Pets currently not on Unchained version
  • Bound Cosmetics. Request made to XL that all costumes & similar items be Bind On Pick Up
  • 64 Bit Client is available in Shadows Revealed update along with Stillwater Gulf the new naval arena, siege changes and more coming in future livestream before Unchained Launch
  • KR Labor system question, still taking feedback


  • 3 accounts per person

There will be live streams every Friday leading up to September 30th ArcheAge Unchained release, on Twitch.

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