Neverwinter: Ravenloft Console Launch – Free Promo Packs For PS+ And XBox Live Gold Members


With Tuesday’s console release of the Ravenloft expansion to MMO Neverwinter, PS4 and XBox One owners are finally able to explore the lands of Barovia. To aid players as they unravel the mysteries beyond the Mist, Perfect World Entertainment is offering console players a couple of game packs. Stop by the Rewards Claim Agent and pick up your FREE Ravenloft Treasure Chest (one per account) now through September 28th.  As an added bonus, PlayStation Plus and XBox One Live Gold members can also claim a free Ravenloft Promo Pack. In addition to depositing an easy 200 Zen to your account, the promo pack will land you the following:

Ravenloft PS Plus Promo Pack
  • 30 Days of in-game VIP
  • 1x Bag of Holding
  • 1x Mysterious Amulet of Protection
  • 1x Mysterious Belt of Protection
Ravenloft Xbox Promo Pack
  • 30 Days of in-game VIP
  • 1x Bag of Holding
  • 1x Enchanted Amulet of Darkness
  • 1x Enchanted Belt of Darkness

Players have plenty of reasons to explore the new Barovia zone. The campaign comes with new boons, weapons, and armor to collect. Adventurers brave (or is it foolhardy?) enough to enter the new dungeon, Castle Ravenloft, will have to wade through hordes of werewolves and vampires on their way to the final confrontation with Count Strahd von Zarovich. Those victorious in their assault on Castle Ravenloft will be able to redeem the seals they have collected for top-tier loots.

Ravenloft also brings plenty of quality of life enhancements (see the patch notes here), a new day/night cycle that impacts gameplay, and a reinvented Hunt. Using Tarroka Cards that will be collected as you adventure in Barovia, players are able to increase the challenge of the Hunt. The higher difficulty brings with it the increased chance of defeat but also improves your chance to obtain rare gear.

So fire up your console, get your free gear, and rescue the citizens of Barovia from the evil reign of Count Strahd. Good hunting!

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