Author: Damien Gula

Born in the heyday of mullets and the El Camino to a tech-foward family, Damien (a.k.a. Dame, PastorDame) quickly embraced the reality that “normal” is just a setting on a dryer. Damien is a pastor by trade and loves talking with anyone who is interested about life, God, and video games (in no particular order) - so, much so, that he and fellow MMORPG/GameSpace writer Matt Keith (Nexfury) create a podcast dedicated to that conversation. At the end of the day, Damien is a guy who loves his wife, his Mini Schnoodle, and crafting gourmet bowls of Mac N’ Cheese.

A First Look at Revita

What do you get when you take a rogue-like, twin-stick shooter, add a touch of platforming, and then pepper in a psychological perspective on grief from Elizabeth Kübler-Ross? Yes, you read that right...

Our Review of Sword of the Necromancer for PC

When I first saw the trailer for Sword of the Necromancer on Kickstarter, I couldn’t help but be intrigued! Developed by a small team at Grimorio of Games, this 2D dungeon crawler that draws heavy (an...

6 Fair

Our Review of Skul: The Hero Slayer

If there is one lesson to learn from stories involving an underdog and insurmountable odds it is this: never, under any circumstance, overlook the little guy. Stick around because in our review of Sku...

9 Amazing

Playing with Clandestine Cards in The Solitaire Conspiracy

What do you get when you add espionage and intrigue to the ubiquitous game found in nursing homes and every Windows decide known to mankind, then drop it into a carefully crafted, existing science fic...

9 Amazing

Our Review of Star Wars: Squadrons

When Electronic Arts announced Star Wars: Squadrons back in June, it was a welcome distraction from the rippling effects of… well, all of 2020 up to that point. After all, who would not be eager to es...

7.5 Good

Our Review of Summer In Mara

Summer in Mara begins on an island on the titular ocean world of Mara. You take on the role not of a great hero, royalty, or adventurer, but of a little girl named Koa. Abandoned in a shipwreck and ta...

6.5 Fair

ASUS ROG Theta 7.1: Hear More.

It is hard to argue that ASUS has made a name for themselves as a company that isn’t going anywhere but forward within the gaming space. Today, we got our hands on the Republic of Gamers (ROG) Theta 7...

8.5 Great

Getting Swept Up In Neversong: Our PC Review

Before we can dive into our review of Neversong, we need to talk.  What you are about to read is one part review with a dash of history and a hefty shake of exposition on topics of the title. I give y...

9.5 Amazing

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