HyperX Alloy Elite 2 Review

As a full-time writer and gamer, I’ve developed a unique little shopping list of features that I look for in keyboards over the years. First, they need to be made of tuff stuff, and last me for ...

8.5 Great
Sony Make A New PlayStation 4 Every 30 Seconds

Sony Make A New PlayStation 4 Every 30 Seconds

While many of us might have been worried about production delays of next gen consoles it seems the old PlayStation 4 has plenty of life with a new PS4 constructed every 30 seconds by a team of Japanes...

game gear micro

Get Your Glasses For The Sega Game Gear Micro

We’ve heard some rumours that Sega was working on a new console of late and it might be possible the Sega Game Gear Micro is it, in a totally unexpected twist. It appears that Sega is about to bring b...

Triigger 350 Review

Vertagear Triigger 350 SE Review: The Lap of Luxury

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to use many different gaming chairs. I’ve tried racing seats, plus size seats, mesh ergonomic chairs that weren’t gaming chairs at all, and even full memory foam...

9 Amazing
rainway safari

Play Away With Even More Devices Using Rainway On Safari

Rainway is now available on Safari browsers. Rainway just dropped a new update yesterday that makes a remote play from a number of devices even easier than ever. Rainway, the software that makes playi...

PLAYSTATION 5 IMPROVEMENTS E3 2020 system specification

PlayStation 5 Specification Details Arrive 18 March

Sony has confirmed that we will get a look at the Playstation 5 specifications and further technical details tomorrow. The gaming giant that is set to bring us their latest home console system just re...

Razer Viper Mini Review

Finally, Razer has heard the pleas of small-handed gamers everywhere and has released the highly requested Razer Viper Mini. Coming in at only 61g, this little snakelet promises to have just as powerf...

9 Amazing

Our Ticktime Preview. Worth Clock Watching For?

Today I lift the lid on some slightly different tech in the form of the Ticktime, a digital countdown timer that makes a statement while keeping you on track. The Ticktime sits firmly in the functiona...

Logitech Streamcam

Logitech StreamCam: Pump Up The Frames

Logitech is arguably one of the longest standing juggernauts in the PC space, pumping out peripherals into the market at all levels. When it comes to webcams, they have been a solid go-to from the ver...

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