Get Your Glasses For The Sega Game Gear Micro

We’ve heard some rumours that Sega was working on a new console of late and it might be possible the Sega Game Gear Micro is it, in a totally unexpected twist.

It appears that Sega is about to bring back an iconic gaming brand but in a way that you might not expect. The Japanese gaming company has just unveiled something of a throw back with a brand new Game Gear system. Unlike its previous iteration, the new Game Gear Micro makes use of modern electronics to shrink this on the go gaming experience to only barely more than a couple of inches big. Seemingly part of Sega’s 60th-anniversary celebrations, this seems to be a logical step on from the recent micro home consoles from the likes of Nintendo Sega, and Sony.


Those of you that grew up in the 1990s might remember Sega for its console war with Nintendo. Team Sonic had a bunch of hardware that divided households but my favourite was always the handheld Game Gear. While Nintendo’s cheaper handheld Gameboy was something of a smash the full color display and awsome sound system of the Sega Game Gear meant a totally unhampered on the go experience.

The new Game gear Micro comes in four colors and each device incorporates 4 diferent in built games alongside it. Buyers will get classic Sega games, incluuding Sonic, Puyo Puyotsu, Shining Force, and Megami Tensei all at the flick of a power switch. The entire device measures only 80 mm wide x 43 mm high x 20 mm deep, a micro size that is less than 40% of the original game gear, and should release on 6 October 3030. This is a Japanese release and we don’t have any western pricing for the new micro-console but we’re looking to grab one to try out as soon as we can. If you have the same fond memories of the Game gear as I do then keep an eye out for more details about the Sega Game Gear Micro at the official Sega 60th website.


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