Save The Underworld As Skelattack Launches

Konami and Ukuza have just launched Skelattack, a brand new IP that’s got a bone to pick across PC and Console now.

While you might know gaming giant Konami a bit better for its Resident Evil releases of late, this undead adventure is something entirely different. Skelattack just hit digital storefronts and this 2D platforming title is probably worth a look if you’re after some light hearted action in the underworld. Available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch, this new undead quest seems to take plenty of inspiration from other more fleshy platforming duos.

Set in a world where death is more of a move to the suburbs, players find themselves in control of Skully. This skeleton, and new resident of underworld town Aftervale, is unexpectedly thrust into the position of hero as a band of marauding humans attack the peaceful town of the dead. What results is a race to save Aftervale’s elder skeleton as players direct Skully and their trusty bat sidekick through a range of environments, plenty of dungeons, while seeing off imminent danger and calcium deficiency.

“Developing Skelattack has been a labour of love for our team at Ukuza, and we are not only thrilled to formally introduce it to the world, but also allow players to experience this unique, platforming adventure right now,” said Shane deLumeau, CEO and Founder, Ukuza. “KONAMI has been an ideal partner in this process as we have been inspired by classic legacy titles such as Castlevania, Contra, and Goemon in our development. We are fortunate to work with such a seasoned team to finally bring Skelattack to life.” 

While things are pretty serious in day to day life right now, this is something of a charming distraction that could appeal to gamers looking for something a little less bloody than Super Meat Boy with the challenge of an old school platforming adventure. Check out the trailer above and head over to the official Skelattack website now.

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