ESO – Update 39 Now Live on PC & Mac

ESO - Update 39 Now Live on PC & Mac

The developers of MMORPG The Elder Scrolls Online have released free Update 39 base-game patch on PC and Mac. It contains a number of additions, improvements and quality-of-life enhancements that community has been asking for. The update will arrive on Xbox and PlayStation consoles on September 5th.

As a base-game update, your version of ESO automatically updates on PC/Mac via the ESO Launcher. Anybody with access to the game can download and enjoy these new additions and changes. There is no previous purchase required (aside from the game itself).

In addition to a wade array of bug fixes, Update 39 also has the following additions:

  • Quest & content improvements for new players;
  • New Cyrodiil monster masks;
  • New PvP face & body markings;
  • PvP death notifications;
  • Item Set sourcing standardization;
  • Stacking of similar inventory items;
  • Unifying unsellable items;
  • New Furnishing & Master Writ vendor offerings;
  • Place Furnishing from inventory;
  • Occlusion culling;
  • New Achievements;
  • New Endeavor activity types;
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