Mythic Legends Is Coming To Mobiles On 19 May

Get Ready for Mythic Legends, the new mobile adventure from Outfit7, is about to bring the battle to mobiles on 19 May.

After a limited launch during 2021 and opening US sign ups, Outfit7’s new tactical title is set to get a full release on 19 May. Brining legendary warriors and mighty monsters to iOS and Android, this fantastical strategy RPG is mix of narrative RPG elements and traditional auto chess battlers. Plunging players into a winding questline, Mythic Legends encourages eager adventurers to build a powerful team of characters to jump into an inventive twist on the traditional auto chess engagement.

With plenty of team members to choose from, players must meld melee, ranged, and magical components to build the best possible team to take on an ever more powerful s et of opponents. Before each encounter, you’ll need to choose the best support for the job, distribute your team across a grid style arena, and watch the carnage ensue. With tons of potential combinations, a bunch of in game progression, and a powerful player character to configure, there are plenty of ways to potentially come out on top of any opponents. This doesn’t just mean the in-game AI. If you want to take on something more than a set of side quests and silicon based opponents, then there’s also the same mix of gameplay elements squeezed into online Ranked PvP.

While the trailer above might initially look like another auto play pocket game, the balance of bite sized play, RPG progression, and strategic planning makes this a million miles away from Outfit7’s more traditional Talking Tom slice of life titles. For those of you ready for battle, Mythic Legends is already accepting preregistrations ahead of the 19 May. Heck out the official website for more now.

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