Fortnite Season 11 Trailer Escapes The Black Hole!

Fortnite players might be on a forced hiatus but it looks like black holes leak after all. A trailer has escaped and it looks like we finally have a glimpse of Fortnite Season 11.

You might have noticed that over 24 hours ago some of the more dedicated members of the Fortnite community participated in an event called “The End”. The massive finale to Fortnite’s 10th season resulted in the utter annihilation of the Fortnite universe. Players were left staring at a black hole and the game’s official web page simply displayed a live feed of this very final frontier. Now, it appears that in all the excitement a trailer has leaked revealing a ton of new information about the next incarnation of Epic’s battle royale brawler.

The leaked Fortnite Season 11 break down teases a brand new map, as we all suspected, bringing a whole new twist on the build and blast gameplay that players have come to expect from this hugely successful arena shooter. The map isn’t the only new thing that this new start, dubbed “Chapter 2 – Season 1”, is about to bring. If the trailer is to be believed there will be new ways to level up involving medals that appear to change based on in-game achievements. We spotted harvesting wood, fishing, and eliminating opponents in that mix of actions, one of which I’m going to be far better at than the other.

In addition, the trailer showcases a brand new vehicle. As the upcoming map is full of winding rivers and coastal tides, it seems fitting that this preview cuts to some high octane speedboat combat. While there’s plenty more to pick out of the trailer, from weapons to pogo sticks, and maybe even swimming, we didn’t want to ruin it all for you. We’ve not had confirmation that this is real and there’s no news as to when this is going to land. For now, it’s back to the black hole for us. Keep watching the skies, or Gamespace, for more information.


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