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Doctor Who Materializes in Fortnite

Recently an independent crossover between Fortnite and Doctor Who has been posted to the web. It is not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Epic Games, Inc. but boy does it look like some fun is g...

Arcane's Vi Makes Her Way to Fortnite

Arcane’s Vi Makes Her Way to Fortnite

With Jinx spreading chaos and mayhem in Fortnite since last November, it’s time for Vi to join the fray in this free-to-play Battle Royale! The Arcane Vi Outfit is available in the Item Shop alo...


Epic Announces Fortnite Compensation After Server Issues

The end of December was a rough one for Epic Games‘ Fortnite thanks to recent server outages that brought the game to its knees. The company feels pretty bad about that and has announced that pl...

ORE System Token

Want To Use Fortnite Skins In Call Of Duty? It All Starts with NFTs

Did you ever wonder how something like cross-game use of in-game purchases would work? For example, being able to use Fortnite skins in Call Of Duty? It all starts with a technology called “NFTs”. Nic...


Winterfest 2021 Descends Into Fortnite

Epic Games has announced the arrival of Winterfest 2021 in Fortnite. The event will run from now through January 6th. Along the way, players can collect up to 14 special Presents that include a pair o...


Fortnite Chapter 3 Launches with Tons of New Content

Fortnite players have a whole lot of goodness to explore thanks to the launch of Chapter 3 that brings some big, big changes to the game. Season 1 of Chapter 3 is already live. Epic developers have na...

Batman / Fortnite Zero Point

New Batman – Fortnite Crossover Book Coming on September 7

Epic Games has announced a “mashup no one saw coming” in the form of a special hardcover collected edition called Batman / Fortnite Zero Point. Fans will be able to get hold of the book st...


The Top 10 Most Successful Fortnite Pro Teams

Fortnite is now the most played game in the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Fortnite is a free-to-play game, and everyone who likes to play video games can play it. The game is played by a ...

Fortnite - Nintendo Switch Version Got a Visual Update

Fortnite – Nintendo Switch Version Got a Visual Update

The Nintendo Switch version of Battle Royale Fortnite received a new update aimed to improve the visual performance and a consistent framerate on the console. The update provides significantly improve...

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