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sea of thieves

Sea Of Thieves Sets Sail For Fort Of The Dammed In Free Update

Halloween is upon us and that means all sorts of activities to get you your cowering in the dark. Sea of Thieves is no different and captains can raid the Fort Of The Dammed in October’s free up...

fortnite season 11

Fortnite Season 11 Trailer Escapes The Black Hole!

Fortnite players might be on a forced hiatus but it looks like black holes leak after all. A trailer has escaped and it looks like we finally have a glimpse of Fortnite Season 11. You might have notic...

fortnite down

Is Fortnite Is Still Down?

Fortnite, the smash hit battle royale brawler from Epic Games, suffered a cataclysmic event last night and it still isn’t back online. For those who missed the action and are trying to log in to get t...

one punch man : a hero nobody knows

One Punch Man : A Hero Nobody Knows Crashes Into Closed Beta

One Punch Man : A Hero Nobody Knows is about to gain at least one more rank in the Hero’s Association as a closed beta gets ready for a superhero landing. No need to watch the knees as One Punch Man i...

Crash Team Racing Grand Prix

Spooky Grand Prix Gets Halloween Off The Grid In Crash Team Nitro Racing

The skies might be getting darker but that means that the spooky season is almost upon us. Not to be beaten off the starting line, Crash Team Nitro racing begins the Spooky Grand Prix this week. Going...

Rocket League

New Rocket League Content Races Onto Twitch Prime

Rocket League is gearing up to greet new content today. San Diego developer Psyonix and co pilot Twitch are giving Twitch Prime subscribers some new drops. Anybody who uses the Twitch streaming servic...

dayz dlc

DAYZ Gets New DLC and a New Map

DAYZ is getting a DLC. After launching back in 2018, Bohemia Interactive’s zombie survival experience is about to get its first-ever official DLC and a definite change of scenery. I know that DAYZ is ...

stealth xp headset

Stealth Gaming Sneaks Out New Headsets

Stealth, the UK manufacturer, just announced a line of new headsets. Coming soon, these peripherals challenge gamers to level up with the XP range of lifestyle headsets. Just revealed and designed to ...

PC Building Simulator

PC Building Simulator Boots Onto Consoles Now

PC Building Simulator, the indie game about building PCs, is out now on consoles, so we can all be PC master race no matter what platform we play on. Sometimes I get a little nostalgic for my gaming r...

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