Critical Role: Animated Series

If you have not heard, recently Critical Role made a Kickstarter project to produce an animated special with animation studio Titmouse. After crushing their goal of $750k within an hour and most of th...

D&D Stream of Many Eyes

D&D Presents the Stream of Many Eyes Livestream Event – Coming in June!

Not many people know the pure joy that is tabletop Dungeons and Dragons.  The sometimes years-long campaigns and character development that can occur delivery more immersion and joy than any mere vide...


R.A. Salvatore Reveals New Drizzt Trilogy in Nerdist Exclusive

Your favorite Drow warrior and Hero of the North is set for a new adventure trilogy. R.A. Salvatore revealed to Nerdist’s Amy Ratcliffe, in an exclusive reveal, that he is excited to be working with W...

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