Dungeons & Dragons Online Preorders Begin for the Vecna Unleashed Mini-expansion

Dungeons & Dragons Online Updated with Vecna Unleashed Mini-expansion

Standing Stone Games has announced preorders for the Dungeons & Dragons mini-expansion, Vecna Unleashed, have begun. The mini-expansion is targeting an August 16, 2023 release date and eager players can pre-purchase any one of three editions. Each one comes with an array of in-game goodies.

Developers are excited to show off all of the new content coming in Vecna. To do so, they have released an all-new teaser trailer to whip up the community.

Vecna Mini-expansion features

  • New Adventures in Sharn, the Plane of Water, the Abyss, and the Astral Plane—Venture into Morgrave University, the grandest institution of Sharn, now overrun with cultists and corrupted by the influence of The Codex of the Infinite Planes.
  • New Monsters—Fight new monsters like the humanoid rodent Wererats and abyssal demonic Vrocks. Defeat minions of Vecna and face off with a malevolent Balor.
  • New Epic Destiny—The Machrotechnic Epic Destiny offers strong defensive abilities as well as boosts to Electric, Sonic, and Repair spellcasting! It also boosts Rune Arm use, empowering Artificers, and opens up the use of Rune Arms to characters who are not Artificers for the first time!
  • New Monster Manual—Discover new information about monsters, new and old, and earn rewards as you do! Monster Manual Volume 9 includes 10 creatures: Mimics, Hyenas, Owlbears, Ravens, Magefire Cannons, Fire Giants, Eladrins, Fire Reavers, Quells, and Wheeps. Earn XP and Mysterious Remnants, and track all types of each creature as you encounter and defeat them.
  • Permanent Wererat Hireling—Enlist a permanent Wererat Hireling to join your team! Obtainable in both the Collectors and Ultimate editions of Vecna Unleashed. The Collector’s Wererat assists at Heroic level 7, while the Ultimate Fan Bundle Wererat supports at Legendary level 30.
  • New Sentient Jewel—Infuse your sentient weapon with a Vaunt Arcane Assistant 2.0 sentient jewel! Created to be hyper-analytical, researchers have tried to make it adept at delivering unfavorable news in the most positive tone.

The three pre-order editions have their own price point. You can check out the details here.

  • Standard: $19.99
  • Collector’s: $59.99
  • Ultimate Fan Bundle: $99.99

Learn more about Vecna Unleashed by visiting the Dungeons & Dragons Online official site.

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