Is Fortnite Is Still Down?

fortnite down

Fortnite, the smash hit battle royale brawler from Epic Games, suffered a cataclysmic event last night and it still isn’t back online.

For those who missed the action and are trying to log in to get their morning fix of Fortnite then you might be faced with a spinning black hole. In the final moments of a special event that ended the tenth season of the popular survival title, the entire Fortnite map collapsed into oblivion. The event, titled “The End” was meant to see off the current iteration of the game and act as a launching pad for the newest version of Fortnite. Instead, it acted like a different type of jumping-off point, dragging the map and players into a black hole. All that remains now is a dark screen for gamers to commiserate over.

The confusion over the action was not helped by silence form Epic Games and a coincidental issue with the Epic Game Launcher, making many fear that the interruption was far from intentional. It now seems that these were unconnected and “The End” was always going to come.

While we wait on an update from Epic, it is widely accepted that this action is simply a way to build up hype for the game’s 11th season. In a now-deleted tweet, Playstation Support has already confirmed that players are not likely to see any loss of items or currency from the incident. With rumors circulating and fan theories abound there are a few things fans can do while we all wait on Epic bringing up their cultural phenomenon.

Konami Code

If you insist on keeping close tabs on Epic’s spinning circle of death then try entering the Konami Code. Punching in the legendary Konami Code will start up a Space Invaders style mini-game that will keep you entertained for at least a few more minutes. For those of you too young to know it without googling the Konami Code is

↑↑↓↓←→←→ B A START (enter)

As soon as we find out what Epic is up to with Fortnite we will let you know. Until then you can join the millions who have stared into the abyss by logging in to Fortnite on any available platform.


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