Opinion | I Played Fortnite, You Guys

There I was sat in some long abandoned gas station, locked in an Epic Dance Battle Of Wits with my buddy Brian. If either of us relented, he’d be labeled a craven. We dare not relent, for this dance b...

Battalion 1944 Devs Explain Why Gamers Should Celebrate Epic Games Store

Battalion 1944 Devs Explain Why Gamers Should Celebrate Epic Games Store

Joe Brammer, the CEO of Bulkhead Interactive, creators of Batallion 1944, had written an article for GameIndustry.biz explaining why gamers should be excited about Epic Games Store even if they are av...

China Ban PUBG Fortnite Paladins

Chinese Government Issues a Ban for PUBG, Fortnite, Paladins, Ring of Elysium and others

With a new Online Ethics Committee established, the Chinese government has taken a harder stance on reviewing online games. According to PCGamesN and Reddit, the first batch consisting of 20 games has...

Fortnite Creative

Fortnite Creative – Coming in Season 7

The rumors swirled around the possibility of a new, creative mode coming into Fortnite. Could it be that Epic would give fans tools to create and design levels or even mini-games? Yes, yes and yes. Th...

fortnite cross-play

Fortnite – Sony Dismisses Cross-Play Controversy

Sony has been under a lot of fire for the PS4 account lock and their refusal to budge on the Xbox / Switch cross-play in Fortnite. If you had been waiting for the company to change their minds, unfort...

Fortnite Update 4.5

Fortnite – Update 4.5 & SuperData Research

Epic Games published patch notes for the latest update 4.5 for Fortnite. The update brings a nice amount of goodies both to the Battle Royale and Save the World modes. Let’s dive right in! Fortn...

PUBG Epic Lawsuit

PUBG Pulls Out of Lawsuit Against Epic’s Fortnite

The creators of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, PUBG Corp., have dropped their lawsuit against Epic Games’ Fortnite, thus ending the legal headbutting between the two biggest Battle Royales...

Fortnite Former Employee

Epic Games Sues Former Employee For Leaking Fortnite Season 4

As MMORPG.com reports, Epic Games, known for their hard lines against the cheating players, is taking legal actions against a former employee, Thomas Hannah, for allegedly leaking information about Fo...


Fortnite – Replay Royale, Underage Players & More

Earlier in the month, Epic has introduced a new feature to Fortnite Battle Royale. It allowed players to capture memorable moments and take advantage of a suite of cinematic settings to create full-bl...

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