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Playtonic Friends Will Bring LiL Gator Game To PC and Switch

LiL Gator Game is gearing up to waddle onto PC and Nintendo Switch thanks to a brand new publishing deal with Platytonic Friends. Moving on from the explosive rhythm shooter Bullert Per Minute, Playto...

Biomutant Received Patch 1.6

Biomutant Received Patch 1.6

The developers from Experiment 101 have released a new patch for action-adventure Biomutant that is available on all platforms besides Origin that will receive it as soon as possible. Patch 1.6 fixes ...

Submerged Hidden Depths Got a Steam Page

Submerged: Hidden Depths Got a Steam Page

Submerged: Hidden Depths, originally released in December last year exclusively for Google Stadia, got a Steam page! There is currently no release date, so stay tuned to find out more. Developed by Up...

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BIOMUTANT Review An Absolute Masterpiece

I believe it was 2017 when I first heard about BIOMUTANT when I wandered over to the THQ Nordic booth at PAX Prime.  I was originally over there to talk a bit about Darksiders 3 and the rep I was chat...

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No Man’s Sky Adds Pets

No Man’s Sky Adds Pets In Companions Update

No Man’s Sky, the planetary exploration game that only seems to get better with age, has just announced a new update that will add pet styled companions for interstellar adventurers. Hello Games has j...

Maid of Sker Review: Hauntingly Beautiful

Maid of Sker is a first-person survival horror game brought to Steam by the creative minds at Wales Interactive. Filled to the brim with beautiful scenery and cultish intrigue, Maid of Sker aims to we...

8 Great
The End of the Sun Successfully Completes Main KickStarter Goal

The End of the Sun Successfully Completes Main KickStarter Goal

The End of the Sun is a story-based exploration adventure set in a fantasy Slavic world. After three years of development, the trio of developers took the game to Kickstarter seeking $12k. With 5 days...

In Other Waters Review – A Minimalist Masterpiece

Earlier this year, Gamespace had the pleasure of sitting down for an email interview with the one-man developer of In Other Waters, Gareth Damian Martin to learn more about his creative process and wh...

8 Great

Population Zero First Impressions

Population Zero is a unique survival experience that pits players against time in a race to level up, acquire new tech and solve the mysteries of Kepler. In development by Enplex Games, this survival ...

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