No Man’s Sky Adds Pets In Companions Update

No Man’s Sky, the planetary exploration game that only seems to get better with age, has just announced a new update that will add pet styled companions for interstellar adventurers.

Hello Games has just confirmed that explorers out in the vast cosmos of space won’t have to go it alone for too much longer. We’re not referring to any multiplayer aspects of No Man’s Sky. Instead, Hello Games has just announced that this weird and wonderful outer space jaunt will be getting pets in a brand new update. Instead of cashing in on this idea, No Man’s Sky’s latest addition will give players the opportunity to go out foraging and tame the creatures they come across, bond with them, and even breed the little critters

While you’ve been able to make friends on your earthbound treks, feeding and riding around on local animal life, the No Man’s Sky Companions update will allow those minions to follow you across the galaxy.

“They will travel side-by-side with you as you adventure through the universe both as a friend and as a valuable aide on your voyage,” Hello Games said.

When you are off planet and back aboard the Space Anomaly, you’ll be able to have your pets lay eggs and splice genes. Offspring will inherit attributes from their parents and they’ll be able to perform plenty of tasks. Outside of watching your back and fending off hostile predators, companions can forage for resources too. Finally, if you’re all about that aesthetic then plenty of add ons, saddles, and accessories to decorate your new best friend with.

As you might expect from a galaxy full of adventure, the latest from no Man’s Sky has a ton of other fixes and features to check out. You can head over to the full patch notes for all the details now.

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