Stellaris: Overlord Expansion Arrives on May 12

Paradox Interactive revealed the release date for the upcoming Stellaris expansion titled Overlord. Prepare to guide or subjugate your subjects to glory on May 12. The announcement was done through a special trailer you can find above.

Will you be a benevolent Overlord that brings prosperity to the galaxy, or an oppressive tyrant exploiting your vassals? Or will you instead serve and become part of something greater? The choice is yours. The new mechanics provide many ways to specialize your vassals’ roles within your empire, bring new planets and subjects under your reign, and new magnificent megastructures to project your power further, faster.

The expansion boasts five new Origins, opening up more roleplay possibilities than ever. Overlord will also bring three new Enclaves that will offer unique abilities in your galaxies and allow players to build three new Megastructures.

Whether you rule from the bridge of your flagship or from the lavish capital of your homeworld, Realize your Grand Design with Stellaris: Overlord!

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