Superhot VR Has A $2 Million Stocking Stuffer

superhot vr

Superhot VR looks like it has a bumper season during the holidays. Despite hitting the flat screen back in 2016, this shooter grossed a whopping $2 million in just 7 days.

Confirmed over on twitter, this festive sales boom is entirely unusual for such a long in the tooth title but it’s doubly impressive because it hit VR systems in 2016. Callum, director of Special Projects at Superhot, dropped the numbers over on his own twitter yesterday and while we know the details for PSVR are largely an estimate, the team behind the time-warping FPS are confident the figures are accurate. There isn’t long to wait to see the published data, however. That information is due to come out next year.

For those of you that haven’t experience the flat screen antics or full VR mode of Superhot, this indie success story is a simple concept. Players are plunged into a room full of enemies and asked to survive as the bullets fly. What makes this different is the way it handles time. Time only progresses in Superhot when you move, meaning the entire experience is something akin to a strategy as you cut down enemies and grab all your ammo from fallen foes.

The sales figures for Superhot VR are great news for both the developers and the VR industry as a whole. With several devices going cheap back on Black Friday, it is a potential sign that the market is hotting up again. If you haven’t already grabbed this amazing FPS experience then it is available on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Major VR hp[latforms, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows, Linux, and Mac. You can grab the VR version or the expansions over on Steam now where it is discounted or warp over to the PlayStation Store if you have a PSVR.

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