Superhot Mind Control Delete to Hit Steam Early Access Today!


If you’re a fan of Superhot, a superhot game that launched in 2016, you’ll be happy to hear that the team is back with a new standalone expansion. Called Mind Control Delete, the game is set in the same universe as the original. It’s designed as “a roguelike twist on the linear nature of the original”.

Mind Control Delete will feature many of the same basic mechanics as the first game, but brings new twists on “the intoxicating rhythm of slow motion combat”. As you move through the game, you’ll be faced with increasingly difficult “time only moves when you move” challenges. Successful completion of these challenges, however, makes you stronger and provides clues to hidden secrets.

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The roguelike expansion already features a new playable character, dozens of levels, revamped AI and animation systems, procedurally generated runs, and an unlockable powerup system. The first upcoming content update drops in January and will introduce the first batch of powerful unlockable gameplay modifiers, new weapons, and four unique new levels added to the location pool.

Over the coming nine months of updates, the team will introduce the remaining two playable characters, multiple new enemy types, a whole arsenal of new weapons and abilities, and a deep, non-linear story, tightly entwined with the series universe. Balance for the game will be honed and polished based on player behaviour. The System will track their habits, their thoughts, and their hopes. It will learn from them and get stronger. It will find the ones that are deserving.

Mind Control Delete will be launching into Steam Early Access this week! The team is looking for player feedback to assist them with “shaping and balancing the game itself”. Anyone signing on for EA testing will be working directly with developers via Reddit and on Discord. Devs also have plans to keep its community informed via livestream events, AMAs and much more.

If you’re dying to get a look at Superhot: Mind Control Delete, you’ve got a golden opportunity today. Devs will be on hand at 8:00 am Pacific / 11:00 am Eastern to show off the game and to coincide with the EA Steam launch.

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