Tell Me Why Is Free For Pride Month

tell me why is free for pride month - screenshot of the two protagonists

The team behind Life is Strange has just announced that their narrative tale Tell Me Why is free for Pride month.

DONTNOD, the developers behind the beloved Life Is Strange have released Tell me Why as a free download over Pride month. Players on PC, Xbox consoles, Windows 10, and Steam will be able to pick up all three chapters of this take for no money down between 1 June 2021 and 30 June 2021. Even better, once you download the game, it will permanently stay in your library, so no rushing to play through the last few hours before it expires. Instead, you’ll have the opportunity to fully explore the relationships that exist in this experience.

DONTNOD noted several reasons behind the decision to give away Tell Me Why in their blog post.

Our intention in making Tell Me Why free for June 2021 is both to allow even more people to access the game and to encourage our players to spend their money in places that will directly affect trans and queer communities.

Tell me Why is an intimate mystery, reunited twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan use their supernatural bond to unravel the memories of their loving but troubled childhood. Featuring the relationship between two siblings, Tell me Why delves into the emotional outcomes of Tyler’s homecoming as a trans man and Alyson’s struggle with trauma. While it’s a tale that takes the brave move of putting a trans individual at the heart of its narrative, this tale is extra poignant after a year where many of us have had some serious emotional upheaval.

If you want to learn more about how DONTNOD developed this unique title, check out more on the official FAQ, or grab it free on Steam and the Microsoft Store. If you’re still not sure, then check out our 5 reasons why you should play Tell Me Why.

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