The Division 2 gets into the holiday spirit

Things may be dour in Washington D.C. in The Division 2, but it’s not all gloom and doom. Even Agents need a respite from the battle to take back the country.

To help bring a bit of downtime to the game, Ubisoft has announced that the 6.1 update will feature the “Sleigher” weapon that is perfect for capping baddies with, you guessed it: Snowballs. Think of it as a high-powered grenade launcher. For those looking for even more of the holiday spirit, Santa hats will be handed out to give Agents just the right seasonal flair.

Here are the details –

Holiday Event – Situation: Snowball

  • Washington, DC is still being fought over by all factions and the Division, but there should always be time for holidays and presents.
  • During the event, the game will get a new look, including a festive makeover for the login screen.
  • Players can grab a holiday care package that includes a festive Santa hat and three pieces of equipment.
  • Ambusher crews have a random chance to appear wearing Santa hats. Killing the “Hoarder” NPC wearing a hat has the chance to drop “The Sleigher” (guaranteed to drop the first time), a weapon that shoots snowballs and confuses enemies when hit.

For those of a more serious bent, Ubi also announced the addition of “a permadeath Hardcore mode”. Developers added a small caveat that “it’s not yet complete” and that further iterations on the system will be forthcoming.

Hardcore mode details from the team:

  • Permadeath – players begin Hardcore Mode with a new Agent, lose all progress and items on death, and can then start again.
  • If all a player’s character slots are full, they’ll need to delete one to create a Hardcore character.
  • Hardcore characters don’t have access to the Stash, and no gameplay rewards from Hardcore mode carry over to a player’s other Agents.
  • Hardcore Agents play on Hardcore-only servers, and can only play in co-op with other Hardcore players.
  • Hardcore Mode comes with special vanity rewards, including a YOLO hat awarded for reaching level 2.

Look for the update on December 10th.

Other snips of information from the State of the Game December edition include:

  • a maintenance recap of recent major bug fixes;
  • an effort by developers to foster better communication with the player base;
  • a list of upcoming fixes and a small balance update to Negotiator’s Dilemma 3 Piece Talent “Blowback”;
  • the Apparel Event from December 5-31

Check out the full December update in the video above or by heading to The Division 2 official site.

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