The Final Fantasy series is coming to Xbox Game Pass

Final Fantasy Xbox Game Pass

Square Enix thrilled legions of Xbox Game Pass owners with the news that more than a few of the Final Fantasy games will be arriving in 2020. While most of the games have been available on Xbox One in the past, Square is vested in bringing the more modern entries in the series to Game Pass.

“Shinji Hashimoto, Brand Manager, took to the stage at the event to announce that starting in 2020 the following critically acclaimed titles from the series will become available for all players with a current membership to Xbox Game Pass, bringing exciting worlds of fantasy and adventure to new players around the globe.”

Here are the games announced:

  • FFVIII Remastered – From our recent review: “Final Fantasy VIII Remastered has released and there is a lot of nostalgia for it to live up too. While the game keeps several essential systems intact and improves on the character models, I would have like to see more visual improvements throughout the game.”
  • FFIX
  • FFX/X-2 HD Remaster
  • FFXII: The Zodiac Age
  • FFXIII-2
  • Lightning Returns: FFXIII
  • FFXV

Interestingly, Xbox players won’t be seeing FFVII Remaster coming to Game Pass. At the moment, that one will remain a PlayStation only title. It is likely, however, that at some point in the future, the remastered version will also land on Xbox.

There’s no more specific release information than “2020”, but it’s still a pretty sweet collection of games.

Read more on the Final Fantasy official site.

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