The Use of Life – Check Out the Teaser Trailer

Developer Daraneko Games and publishers MedusasGame and PLAYISM have shared the teaser trailer for the indie “game book” style adventure-RPG The Use of Life, coming to Steam Early Access in Spring 2022. The Steam demo is available for your gaming pleasure.

In The Use of Life, the protagonist’s attachments fluctuate according to the choices made by players, changing the character’s thinking in the process. The ending you experience changes depending on “the use of life” you choose through your journey. Will the main character uses their “life” for their own good, or for the benefit of others? This all depends on the decisions and choices you make as the player. The game’s ending represents the natural conclusion of the way this life was lived, and there is no “good ending” or “bad ending”.

Even the contents of the same event can change based on the various actions you take, the decisions you make, and their outcomes. It is up to you as the player to decide whether to play it safe and proceed with caution or to go full-on and throw yourself into battle with reckless abandon.

These actions will also affect the way the main character thinks.

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