The Waylanders Teases Reborn Characters for Act Two

Gato Salvaje is teasing The Waylanders community with a peek into the second act of the game ahead of its February 2, 2022 launch. Up to now, early access players have been able to experience the Celtic Era with its cast of companions. Once the game launches, however, the Medieval Era will launch that will require some fancy footwork to rebuild the team.

As with many RPGs, the story is all about who experiences it beside the main character. Mortal Celtic companions have long since passed to time and immortal friends have had to live the last thousand years on their own. Rebuilding your team of companions is the first step after leaping into the future.

To showcase how these “reborn” teammates will look in the Medieval Era, developers re-introduced Amergin and Nazhedja, companions that have “experienced many, many years — kept alive by magic that has slowly been fading from the land”. The videos introduce viewers to the new look for these two characters, looks that have been altered by the passage of time.

To learn more about The Waylanders, check out its Steam page.

About The Waylanders
  • Travel Between Eras – Time travel between two distinct eras: Celtic and Medieval. Meet old allies and discover reborn friends as you step from past to the future
  • A Story Like No Other – The Waylanders blends Celtic myth from the Spanish region of Galicia with exciting fantasy adventure
  • Faithful Companions – Befriend nine mortal and immortal companions to join you on your journeys through Celtic and Medieval Galicia. Discover their past, bond through special missions, and romance your favorites
  • Lands to Discover in Two Era – Explore more than 50 regions filled with quests, secrets, and enemies in both the Celtic and Medieval era
  • Multiple endings – Choices made in one time period have dire future consequences. Players will feel the impact of their decisions in surprising and shocking ways
  • Strategic tactical combat – Unique party formation abilities based on characters and classes open up deep, tactical combat options. Different party makeups unlock special offensive attacks and defensive abilities like Daggertip, Phalanx, Golem and Conclave.
  • Full Character Customization – Choose from six basic classes and further specialize into one of 30 advanced classes. Create your character from five playable races based on Celtic mythology, including unusual backgrounds such as Mourian, Semi-Fomorian, and Werewolf, each with a different origin
  • Immersive Soundtrack – The Waylanders features music composed by Emmy award-winner and three time BAFTA nominee, Inon Zur
  • Photo Mode – Capture the excitement and magic of the world of The Waylanders as you discover it with newly added photo features

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