Legends of Aria Sandbox MMORPG launching August 6th

Legends of Aria

Citadel Studios has announced that Legends of Aria will be released for PC on August 6th. The launch will come with fresh new content, the new Bard class, the Item Enhancement system and much, much more.

Legends of Aria is a modern take on “true sandbox gameplay inspired by classic MMOs including Ultima Online and EVE Online”. Players will work together to create a world of their own making.

To prepare for launch, Citadel is adding a new server (and more as needed) where players can participate in a “mad grab for housing plots”. All players will start on equal footing on the new server allowing even the newest newb a chance at some awesome real estate and a chance to make their mark on the world.

Another significant change coming with the launch is the revamp of open-world PvP. Developers are taking a stance against ganking by providing ruleset changes to make PvP a more consensual event, though there will still be lawless regions where anything goes.

“Not only have we added a new playable skillset in the Bard and a whole new armor and weapon enchanting system to make the crafters in our community even more important, but we’re making the world of Aria a much friendlier place to live,” said Derek Brinkmann, CEO. “We’re ecstatic to finally be launching Legends of Aria on Steam after so much hard work and love were poured into the game. We cannot wait for MMO players of all sorts to join us on our journey.”

Learn more about Legends of Aria on its official site or Steam page.


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