The Vapid Slamtruck Smashes Into GTA Online

GTA Online

GTA Online fans will doubtless find themselves with a case of the vapors when eyeballing the new Vapid Slamtruck that has just smashed its way into the game. This monster pile of steel and rubber is sure to catch anyone’s eye and it can be purchased at Southern San Andreas Super Autos.

As with any new week, GTAO players will have a plethora of new activities to participate in that can yield big (in-game) bucks, experience, and offer sweet loot just for the asking.

Anyone taking part in The Bunker Series will net themselves double GTA$ and RP. Players are tasked with heading underground to find and destroy a high-tech shelter with the caveat that it’s built to withstand thermonuclear war. But sometimes the loot alone is worth the effort.

Double GTA$ and RP are also available in Gunrunning Sales. Players take their ill-gotten gains and sell them to earn sweet, sweet loot. In addition, all Gunrunning Research speeds are doubled through January 27th.

“Brand loyalty is a valuable commodity these days. As a reward for their continued allegiance, players who already claimed the Vapid Tee during a previous GTA Online event will receive a rare Faded Vapid Tee, free of charge. This is the kind of irreplaceable vintage that collectors pay top dollar for – cherish it accordingly.”

It’s always worth a stop at The Diamond Casino & Resort for a spin of The Lucky Wheel. The top prize this week is the Vapid Peyote Custom, “an old-school lowrider and a carjacker’s dream”.

Of course, there are tons of discounts and Prime Gaming goodies to pick up, so be sure to head to the GTA Online official site to learn more.

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