The New Odd Couple: Trump & Jong-Un Team Up in New Game


Just when you think you’ve seen the weirdest of the weird, you’re proven wrong. In Welcome to Orochi Park, Donald Trump and North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un become allies to fight bigger bads in the world than each other. Talk about the New Odd Couple.

Anima Chambers has released a demo of Welcome to Orochi Park where players work through a mission. The game is based on Funcom’s The Secret World and is built with Twine to provide interactive fiction. Additionally, it features high-quality art, full voice acting and persistent game systems.

If you’re going to install it, keep the following in mind:

You can now play the Orochi Park demo! There are a couple of bugs due to the full game still being a year off.

First, you may get an error trying to install it, as Steam is saying “No can’t install full version yet”. Just keep pressing “yes” and the demo will install.

Second, the game does not yet scale to laptop monitors, only 1920p and 2560px. I will fix this by Christmas.

Welcome to Orochi Park

From the game description on Steam:

The demo is an early one – the game is far from finished – but creator Anima Chambers hopes this will give people a taste of what’s to come, as well as the opportunity for valuable feedback.

When the game is fully released, it will feature:

  • Review mission briefings at the Big Board – assess the tactical situation, compare clues with your current stats, and decide between diplomacy or the Big Red Button
  • Manufacture in the Armoury – set priorities to attain the perfect stat balance, making sure you never find yourself undergunned
  • Hold intriguing and diplomatic conversations – with the likes of Force-Marshal Lanark, Kelly from Mass Effect, and five-time Ultimate Age of Conan Tortage Underhalls PvP Champion Kim Jong-un.
  • Buy units at the Occult Black Market, upgrade agents at the Barracks, research in the Library, deploy agents and recover loot, and unlock one of 20 colour-coded terrible endings!

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