Turn Honkai: Star Rail Settings To Max on Your Budget Phone

Honkai Star Rail Settings - Xueyi stands in the foreground

NVIDIA has announced that Honkai: Star Rail is coming to GeForce Now.

Anime inspired RPG Honkai: Star Rail is coming to NVIDIA’s game streaming service. The AI obsessed hardware giant announced that its cloud based game service will support this space faring adventure via a post on social media. While the post, seen below, is brief it gives us hope that we can get those budget blowers out and start a hunt for the Stellaron without crushing our poor low end handsets.


This is the second title from the HoYoverse library to join the GeForce Now catalog and it opens up the Otaku studio’s latest release to an entirely new audience.

While it may look cartoonish, the slick graphics and anime aesthetic can even leave mid range desktop machines giving off some serious heat. So, anything short of a top end mobile can face more than the odd stutter. That’s not entirely surprising, however. Honkai: Star Rail is available across PC, iOS, Android, and PlayStation systems. Leaping into a sci-fi quest aboard the Astral Express, players picking up this RPG will find themselves visiting a myriad of worlds across a vast star system. A range of different companions, cultures, and enemies await as this inventive title swaps between large scale exploration, flashy turn based combat, and those gacha pulls.

GeForce Now brings the best of Star Rail to screens by offloading all the heavy processing onto one of NVIDIA’s GPUs in the cloud. All you’ll need to run on a mobile, desktop, MacBook, or tablet is a compatible browser or lightweight app. Not only will that mean cool hands under pressure, but some top tier graphics settings. Lining up alongside the likes of Google’s defunct Stadia, Amazon Luna, Xbox Cloud, and Shadow PC, the GeForce Now platform can provide cloud based rigs with a RTX 4080, Ray Tracing, 4K resolution, and 120FPS gaming. While you’ll have to pay for that level of finesse a range of options are on offer, starting from totally free. To secure a subscription and turn Honkai: Star Rail settings up, head over to the GeForce Now website.

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