Video Games That Have Created Engaging Worlds

Video Games That Have it All!
Video Games

Today we will talk about video games that “have it all.” Now, by all, we mean anything that would make your gameplay entertaining. Some games, such as Fortnite have featured Marvel avatars and even NFL sports outfits. Others, such as Grand Theft Auto have built an online casino that is one of the best game design ideas of our time. If you are keen to find more about online casinos, you should definitely click here. And, if you prefer to stick with some of the most original and massive games today, please stick with our list instead!

Fortnite: A Game That Excels

Fortnite is one of the most entertaining titles you will find on the gaming market today. The game was released on July 25, 2017, and it has quickly grown to prominence, peaking at 350 million users in 2020. Now, this is an impressive feat for any game, but Fortnite was the first one to succeed.

Actually, Fortnite is the first game that is free to play and doesn’t force you to buy anything to boost your performance. There have been quite a few attempts previously, including EA’s Battlefield, which was designed as a cash cow and that is why it never actually stuck around.

Yet, Fortnite has a little bit of everything. Fortnite players are buying up new avatars and skins just to make their experience more entertaining and they have been doing so with remarkable success!

NFL and Marvel avatars have gone up on sale and players have enjoyed cherry-picking from an awesome list of weapon skins, characters looks, and more, without ever breaking the balance in the game.

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Grand Theft Auto

Grand Theft Auto is such a brilliant franchise. Designed by Rockstar Games in 1997, this has been one of the best titles to try out there for a long while now. Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online, though has really elevated the experience for everyone.

The game now has a real online casino featured in it that is one of the most fun gaming solutions any video game has to offer. The Diamond Casino, as the digital property is known, has its own special place in the plot, there are various missions, and you can just go and have fun inside without any obligations whatsoever.

Yet, the compelling nature of the game will soon have you vie for control with some of the hardened criminals of Los Santos, the make-believe world of GTA reminiscent of Los Angeles or Miami.

Another great thing about this game is its open-world design. There is really nothing more compelling than the ability to explore the entire game environment and make decisions within it. Those decisions will thoroughly influence what happens next and you will have a real blast playing not only your own game but also influencing others as you go along.

Red Dead Redemption 2

If you are truly looking for an awesome Western game with an open-world design, we can’t stress how important it is to go and try Red Dead Redemption 2. This Rockstar Games gem is another thing you should try in 2020.

If you have missed the first game, though, we recommend to go and to try that first, because Red Dead Redemption 2 is going to continue the story and add so much realism it’s uncanny. Rockstar Game worked overtime constantly to make this game on time and the end-product is truly something exceptional.

Players will be able to roam the Wild West as cowboys and choose whether they want to be good or bad. Your freedom of choice is a nice touch and you can end up a renegade, a bandit feared by citizens as well as sheriffs, or a do-gooder who is always there to help those in need overcome adversity.

The depth of the gameplay is definitely riveting and you will not want to miss out on this gem.

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