Vigor – Find a Way To Survive in Post-War Norway

During Gamescom 2019 the developers from Bohemia Interactive have shown off their new game: a free-to-play shoot ‘n’ loot survival Vigor that is developed exclusively for Xbox. You can try the game out for yourself if you have the Xbox Live Gold subscription.

Check out the official site of Vigor to learn more about the game.

  • Shoot your way out of encounters for 8-12 players
  • Loot precious resources and valuable items
  • Build your shelter and vital equipment
  • Become the courageous Outlander in post-war Norway

The nuclear war is over.
Europe is devastated,
Norway has become the last stand.

You start as a nameless Outlander,
but who will you become?
No time for uncertainty.

Shoot your way out or don’t fight at all.
Loot, gather resources, take risks.
Build your Shelter and vital equipment.

Humanity has fallen… You shall rise.

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