Enemy On Board warns players not to trust anyone

Enemy On Board

Fans of asymmetrical multiplayer games will be happy to hear that a new one is on the horizon. Windwalk Games has announced their latest title called Enemy On Board, a game that warns players not to trust anyone.

During gameplay, six players wake up on a spaceship. The twist is that two of the six are randomly chosen to take the role of an alien. The task of the remaining humans is to “use everything at their disposal: weapons, tools, and voice communication to identify and kill the enemies”. It goes without saying that aliens will want to be cagey to keep their identities hidden as they hunt and kill humans. An additional twist is found in the ship itself. It is in constant need of repair. Not keeping needed systems up and running can be catastrophic for everyone on board.

Features include:

  • Action-packed matches
  • Online multiplayer real-time combat
  • Round-based gameplay in 6-8 minute matches
  • Asymmetrical threats
  • Integrated voice chat
  • Robust combat system
  • Customize characters and weapons

Enemy On Board will make its debut later this year for PC/Mac via Steam. Learn more on the official Discord server or Steam page.

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