Shoot’em Up Xenoraid Now Available For Nintendo Switch


10tons Ltd. launched a vertically scrolling shooter with procedurally driven missions Xenoraid for Nintendo Switch.  It also offers a strategic squadron management metagame and a novel real-time fighter switching feature.The game is priced $9.99 and the players can take advantage of the launch week 10% discount which would lower the price to $8.99.

Tero Alatalo, CEO of 10tons Ltd. comments:

”Xenoraid is a novel take on the classic vertically scrolling shooter formula. Fighter switching, focus on skilled shooting, and squadron management metagame make the game a unique title, worthy of every shooter enthusiast’s attention. No bullet hell experience required!”

Some of the Xenoraid features:
  • Dynamic shoot’em up action
  • Switch between four different fighters in the middle of combat
  • Manage your squadron, upgrade tech and weapons
  • Master advanced shooting mechanics
  • Fight through a campaign with more than 40 missions
  • Take part in three endless Survival Stages
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