New Switch Games Arriving January 20 to January 23

New Switch Games Arriving January 20 to January 23

Nintendo keeps a steady supply of new hot games coming to Switch to keep you warm during winter and this week is no different. Check out the official site to find the full list of new Switch games arriving on the hybrid console or check out the list below for the most interesting picks:

All Walls Must Fall

  • Single-player action/RPG
  • Developer: inbetweengames
  • Publisher: Ultimate Games
  • Release date: January 20

All Walls Must Fall is an isometric tactics game where actions happen to the pulsing beat of the music. You control time travelling secret agents as they jump and loop through a single night in the city of Berlin. Using a pausable real-time system, carefully plan your decisions and use powerful time manipulation abilities to your advantage, as you carry out your mission in the shadows or in plain sight. Levels are procedurally recombined, giving All Walls Must Fall a highly replayable campaign structure, while still offering individually crafted components and set-pieces.

Otti: The House Keeper

  • Single-player puzzle/platformer
  • Developer: Maksym Vostruhin
  • Publisher: Ultimate Games
  • Release date: January 20

Otti: House Keeper is a game about defending your house from thieves and uninvited guests. Help Otti, a thief in the past, to get rid of ghosts of the past. Otti was cursed and can’t contact with humans, so use traps, mechanism and logic to save Otti live and his gold. Every level – is a new building and specially designed puzzle, use your reaction and ingenuity to solve it.

Sally Face

  • Single-player adventure
  • Developer: Portable Moose
  • Publisher: Portable Moose
  • Release date: January 21

Delve into an unsettling adventure following a boy with a prosthetic face, as he uses his handheld video game system to speak with the dead and learn their stories. After a string of mysterious murders, Sal and his three friends discover something truly sinister casting shadows over their small town.


  • Arcade/fighting for up to 4 players
  • Developer: Mass Creation
  • Publisher: Mass Creation
  • Release date: January 21

Experience the most exciting and immersive beat-em-up combat system ever – become a kickass ninja and slice some demons in style!
Join a band of wisecracking warriors in a bloody adventure through the land of mythical monsters and mysterious machines.

Missile Dancer

  • Action/arcade for up to 2 players
  • Publisher: DICO
  • Release date: January 21

Avoid the enemy missiles and destroy their flagship aircrafts with yours!
Soar the skies on your fighter jet in this action-packed vertically scrolling shooter.
Expand your radar and lock on your enemies to shoot them down with a mighty missile strike! You can increase the range of your lock-on radar and the number of missiles with bonus items after defeating enemies. Don’t be hit!

Loot Hero DX

  • Single-player RPG/arcade
  • Developer: VaragtP Studios
  • Publisher: Ratalaika Games
  • Release date: January 21

Plow through monsters and become hero in this epic fantasy quest! A legendary Dragon is haunting the lands. Towns are set ablaze, and dark magic power resurrects the evil creatures of the world.

A hero is needed to travel to the corners of the lands and slay the beast to restore peace. Charge valiantly into battle against increasingly difficult enemies, collect XP and loot, buy better equipment, level up, and do it all over again!

This game boasts a huge number of enemies for you to take down, while building up a cache of gold, feats, and a bestiary full of monsters to hunt.


  • Single-player adventure/sim
  • Developer: HuneX
  • Publisher: HuneX
  • Release date: January 21

Dark Fantasy X Campus Love Adventure coming to Nintendo Switch™ with full voice acting and switchable language (English & Japanese)!!
A forbidden campus love story across races, between Cloé and the other Residents of the Dark.


  • Multiplayer fighting for up to 4 players
  • Developer: GrosChevaux
  • Publisher: GrosChevaux
  • Release date: January 21

Unspottable is a competitive couch party game where you need to punch your friends before they punch you.

Blend in the crowd of AI characters, hunt down the other players and use the many different environment-specific rules to win the game.

Nosferatu Lilinor

  • Action/platformer for up to 2 players
  • Publisher: Neon
  • Release date: January 21

It is cute but extremely hard! The immortal girl gets beaten and keeps trying again and again.
The super-difficult puzzle action game Nosferatu Lilinor is coming to Nintendo Switch.

The game is a retro-like stage-clearing puzzle action game that leads the vampire girl Lilinor to her goal. The game’s difficulty level is very high, and the game’s style is to seek a clear route after multiple challenges.


  • Single-player adventure/sim
  • Publisher: PROTOTYPE
  • Release date: January 21

Faced with the biggest decision of her life, what world will Arisaka choose to live in? Here comes Volume 5.5 of the GRISAIA PHANTOM TRIGGER series!

Several years after Yuuji Kazami and his friends fought for their lives in a fierce battle, a new generation of heroines gather at Mihama Academy, which has been reinstated as a ‘specialist training school’.

Taking place in the same world as The Fruit of Grisaia, new characters bring an exciting fresh take in Volume 5.5 of this brand new series!
This thrilling story, which unfolds at the reborn Mihama Academy, will undoubtedly excite not only those who have played previous releases, but those who are new to the series as well!

Timothy and the Mysterious Forest

  • Single-player adventure/RPG
  • Publisher: QubicGames
  • Release date: January 22

Timothy, a common child, wants to save his grandfather from certain death. The old man fell ill and he’s now fighting for his life. Timothy, who loves his grandfather very much, decides to take a risky journey to the infamous Mysterious Forest. Legends speak of a magic mushroom able to cure any disease that grows into the forest. Timothy bravely begins his journey to find the magic mushroom.


  • Single-player adventure/platformer
  • Publisher: Ratalaika Games
  • Release date: January 22

In this satirical medieval fantasy tale, a poor squire dreams to attend and conquer the kingdom’s jousting tournament. But because he’s poor, he cannot even afford a horse. However the unicycle happens to be close enough so the epic journey may begin!

Use your skills to balance the clumsy but fully functional unicycle.

Crush your enemies, drive them before you and hear the lamentation of your one-wheeler!


  • Single-player action/arcade
  • Developer: Loneminded
  • Publisher: Loneminded
  • Release date: January 22

ADVERSE is a first-person shooter platformer with a fluid movement system, set in an idyllic universe, in which players have to fight through enemies spanning eight unique worlds and 40 different levels. It is the latest project in the Loneminded catalogue, keeping true to the brand by being a fun, competitive platformer with in-game leaderboards with the addition of a multi-layered scoring system.

The Unexpected Quest

  • Single-player adventure/strategy
  • Developer: Rionix
  • Publisher: OverGamez
  • Release date: January 23

Adventure game with strategy and management elements in a medieval fantasy setting.
Embark on quests, hunt down treasures and manage your resources as you build, battle, cast magic and brew potions to bring order to the world.

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