The Best Weapons in Destiny 2 – In Our Opinion

Not exhaustive, but these weapons are a blast to use.
Destiny 2 PC - Best Weapons in Destiny 2

With Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris, drawing near it’s December release date, we thought we’d take a few minutes to share our go-to guns for extinguishing the Darkness. In this article, I will be sharing with you some of my personal favorites and what makes them special. These are the Best Weapons in Destiny 2 (in our humble opinion).

While this list is neither exhaustive nor are they representative of any in-game “meta,” they are simply a blast to use! And after all, what fun is the hunt without a little flair?

Best Weapons in Destiny 2

The Exotics:

We all get a little giddy when we see those amber engrams drop because, well, we all like loot! If you haven’t seen these yet, hopefully you will.

Sweet Business (Auto Rifle – Kinetic):

Oh, it was a happy day when I got this gun! Not only does it look incredible, Sweet Business is a bullet hose that’s fire rate increases as you spray. This weapon can offer sustained denial of area over time since it also loads bullets into the magazine upon pickup. I like to use Sweet Business in the Crucible.

Oh, and read the lore text on this one. You’re welcome.

Hard Light (Auto Rifle – Energy):

Hard Light was one of my go-to Exotics in Destiny and it was a welcome addition to Destiny 2’s arsenal. It’s defining feature that carried over from the original is its modifier, Volatile Light. This allows the bullets that fly from Hard Light to over-penetrate your target with rounds that will ricochet off of walls. This is great for clearing rooms of low health enemies like Thrall or Dreg.

Outside of this feature, Hard Light offers the ability to change energy damage type on the fly. If you like keeping your inventory empty, this is a highly versatile auto rifle for the Guardian minimalist.

Best Weapons in Destiny 2

Sunshot (Hand Cannon – Energy)/Graviton Lance (Pulse Rifle – Energy):

Yes, these are two very different weapons, but I love them for the same reason. As Mr. Torgue from the Borderlands series would say: BECAUSE EXPLOSIONS! Both the Sunshot and Graviton Lance make enemies explode on death with their energy element.

Sunshot, as its name suggests, doles out healthy helpings of Vitamin D – and Solar energy – in a handy, dandy hand cannon platform while Graviton Lance is a Void damage-based pulse rifle. While I typically lean harder toward hand cannons and the Sunshot typically takes priority for the slot, Graviton Lance made me think twice about my pulse rifle antipathy. Oh, and it shoots tiny black holes… that might be why.

Merciless (Fusion Rifle – Power):

The flavor text for this weapon should read: “Kill it with fire! Is it dead? Try again.” Merciless is a  boss killer. It’s a great weapon to have on deck if you are fighting enemies with more robust health pools because non-lethal hits with Merciless decrease its charge time. High-value targets wilt beneath Merciless’ reign.

The Legendaries:

While Exotics tend to steal the show, every leading man or woman needs someone in a supporting role. While they don’t have the same perks as their Exotic kin, Legendary weapons have their own value that they bring to the table – more than Light-filler!

Song of Justice VI (Scout Rifle – Kinetic):

Straight out of New Monarchy, Song of Justice VI is a fantastic scout rifle platform to play support to your equipped Exotic. It’s good for picking off enemies at a distance before switching out for a more close combat weapon.

This is my primary kinetic weapon when I run with Sunshot because upon holstering Song of Justice VI, it reloads! Since I am an obsessive reloader, this Legendary gives me the peace of mind to swap weapons when I’m low so I can be ready to take out the next wave.

Last Perdition: (Pulse Rifle – Energy):

Again, I don’t typically enjoy pulse rifles, but this one makes the list for its utility. Last Perdition gains the Rampage bonus as you kill enemies. This is a damage bonus that stacks three times. This weapon is great in Strikes for cleaning up the trash before dealing some extra punishment to bosses. Try pairing this damage bonus with Merciless in boss encounters or Public Events.

If Lord Shaxx is feeling entertained by your work in the Crucible, he might just bestow you with Last Perdition… if you are worthy.

Best Weapons in Destiny 2

Mida Mini-tool (Submachine Gun – Energy):

If you’re a fan of “run and gun” style gameplay, the Mida Mini-tool can fill those needs! While it is best paired with its Exotic big brother, the Mida Multi-tool (scout rifle) for an extra movement speed boost, the Mida Mini-tool is no less mighty. It is one of the more stable submachine gun platforms with a fast reload speed.

 Unification VII (Shotgun – Power):

I think it was Doom that made the shotgun ubiquitous in first person shooters, but the Unification VII reminds us why that is. Instead of firing in a spray pattern, this power weapon is best used on a single target, providing high damage from its slugs. I like using Unification VII when I am running public events for quick takedowns.

And finally…

Quickfang: (Sword – Power)

I would be remiss if I did not mention a sword in this list. I know, I know… you should never bring a knife to a gun fight, except for when you should! As the name suggests, its blade strikes swiftly with damage increasing with each hit. Quickfang is a Hunter reward for the final story mission and it is one of my favorite power weapons to bring with me into the Crucible.

Best Weapons in Destiny 2

These are some of my favorite weapons that I keep in my inventory so that I’m ready to extinguish the Darkness. What are some of yours?

Leave a comment below with your favorite Destiny 2 weapons and keep it locked in here at to stay up to date on Destiny 2 news. See ya star-side, Guardian!


  1. Glad to see someone else appreciates Sunshot! I find its explosions are a lot more effective than the Gravaton Lance’s. Wit the Sunshot killing one minion will take other close minions down to 50% health sometimes, allowing for chain explosions 😀
    I do love the sound effect for the Gravaton though.

  2. You know, I thought it was just me!

    You are right – the Sunshot’s explosions are far more effective – especially in larger groups. I wonder if the explosion is based off of bullet damage… It would make sense since the pulse rifle’s burst damage is spread across its shots, whereas the hand cannons produce a beefier round.

    Thanks for your comment! Glad to know I’m not (100%) crazy…

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