Car Mechanic Simulator Review

You walk into the garage after a long day of barn hunting, and you see your next project sitting on the lift. It is old, and it is rusty, it is your brand new old car! You take a look and shake your head at the mistakes that were made and now have to be fixed. You pop open the hood to examine the engine and see a few things that really need to be updated. Then you walk around and look at the rust spots in the body itself. This is going to be a fun project. Here is our review of Car Mechanic Simulator on Nintendo Switch.

From Publisher ECC Games comes the next evolution of the simulator genre that has taken the world by storm recently. Now on the Nintendo Switch, Car Mechanic Simulator is a game where you will buy a barn, find a car in said barn, bring the car back to your shop and fix it. That is the entire premise of the game. You need to find these rusty gems and repair them. Once you have repaired them and bring them back to life you will be able to sell them to make some money to buy a new barn and do it all over again.

The first thing that happens is you will go through a brief tutorial that allows you to learn how the game works from beginning to end. It is a fairly simple process once you have done it a time or two. You learn about how to break the car apart to find the broken pieces, and how to remove other pieces that may be attached to interior pieces and where to put them to make sure the car works. After you take the parts off of the car you will go into your shop and buy the parts to replace the old ones. Head back into the parts list to add the parts back into the car to finish the build. All of this and you even get to sand off the rust spots and repaint the car the color of your choice as well. For a barn that cost around two to three thousand dollars, you will see your rewards in the way of two or three times what you paid for earlier in the game and more as you continue to earn better cars to repair.

The overall premise of the game is just that you will learn how to break down a car and put it back together. How mechanics must have to change out parts out to put other pieces into the car to replace the broken ones. I have been under the hood of a car once or twice in my life when I worked at my cousin’s shop for a summer, and I pulled an engine and swapped it out with a new one for a Neon. If this game is any evidence of how to put things in and take them out then mechanically inclined game playing gearheads will appreciate this game. And they will probably hate themselves for how easy it is to repair the cars in the game versus real life.

Note: Our copy was reviewed on Nintendo Switch with a code provided by PR.

Overall, the game itself is not overly complicated, and anyone can pick it up and play it. For the low price of $14.99 USD anyone who has ever wanted to see the inside of a car, or become a mechanic one day, will be able to take this game for a spin without breaking the bank. It is not a game I would normally purchase for myself, but it gave me a little more insight into why people like these sim type of games. Car Mechanic Simulator is now available.
  • Not Overly Complicated Controls
  • Learn How to Fix Cars
  • Fun For Simulator Fans
  • Affordable for Gamers
  • Doesn't Expand Very Far - Rinse and Repeat Gameplay
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