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NeuroVoider is a roguelike which combines a twin-stick bullet hell type game with rogue-like mechanics while throwing in tons of monsters and loot for the player to mow down.  While the game has been out for a little over a year on other platforms, it feels like a game that was made to be played on the Switch.  While NeuroVoider is a rogue-like, you can play co-op with up to 4 players on the same console, turning it into what can be a great party game. This is our Neurovoider review for Switch.

You start out as a brain in a test tube, breaking out and bouncing around until you jump into a robot body.  After a brief tutorial, you are thrown straight into the game.  Like many roguelikes, you work your way through multiple procedurally generated levels, trying to stay alive while you make your way through the game taking out the objectives in each level.  The game consists of three difficulties, allowing you to get your feet wet on easy before jumping into higher difficulties.  The first playthrough on easy helped teach how the class and loot systems worked before moving onto higher difficulties.

Neurovoider reviewNeuroVoider has 3 classes: Fortress, Rampage, and Dash.  Fortress allows you to use a shield and take more damage, Rampage is the mid-range pick and allows you to gain a damage boost while shooting both weapons, and Dash is melee-oriented and allows you to sprint around while becoming immune to projectiles.  Each class has their own loot that is dropped during the game, but models are not necessarily unique to each.  Each allows you to have a different playstyle, and while skills may help accentuate your playstyle, you are able to change mid-game by selecting different parts.

The loot drops are very generous, as each piece of loot randomly rolls stats on it, with the limits based on the rarity of each.  Guns are usable regardless of class, but the head, legs, and core determine which class you are.  Mixing classes is not allowed, but you are able to scrap parts you don’t need to either upgrade parts you already have or to take your chances and attempt to roll a new, random piece of loot.  You can select a specific slot to roll for or pay less and roll for any slot.  The loot drops and crafting scales depending on how many levels you are into the game so that you are unable to get a drop in the first level and have it carry you throughout the game.

Neurovoider reviewEach playthrough has 20 levels, with a boss every 5.  In between each boss, you are given a selection of 3 levels to choose from.  Each level has a different size, elite monster count, and loot drop amount rolled along with a tileset that is used for each.  You can reroll your choices once for free, with extras costing scraps that are gained through level completion and scrapping parts.  You will also get one special level between bosses, which has extra monster modifiers but gives a higher completion bonus.

NeuroVoider is a great addition to the Switch, both providing a challenge for a single player while also being a great party game.  The loot customization adds a hook to keep you playing and killing more monsters, while the procedural generation makes sure you always have new levels and loot to look for.

Note: Our copy of Neurovoider on Switch was provided by PR.

  • Large amount of customization
  • Difficulty selections and curve help prevent frustration
  • Responsive Controls
  • No progression in between games
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