30 Minutes with Mass Effect Andromeda’s Multiplayer

A balance between fun and frustration...

The Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer is shaping up to be something frenetic and fun. But it also has some bugs, crashes, and oddities to be cleared up for sure. Here is a nice long video of our trials and tribulations in the MP. We crashed, we can’t get VOIP to work right, characters get stuck, and so forth.

But the whole time? We had fun. Hopefully a patch clears up the bugs fast.

What’s interesting about MEA’s multiplayer is that you can level up all characters separately, rather than just having one to play. You can customize their loadouts, tweak looks, and really play them each like an individual character in say an MMO. There are quests to fullfill in the MP as well, which is strictly Co-Op in Mass Effect Andromeda. At least at launch, there’s no PVP here.

Each wave could have a different game time, different enemies, and when you win you move onto the next map and do it all over again. It’s quick, it’s hard, and it’s fun. A nice side dish to the main course campaign. Be ready for more when our Mass Effect Andromeda review hits early next week ahead of launch. It’s nice that we’ll be seeing free maps added to the MP as well.

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  1. It was a lot of fun, although Origin and its in-built voice-chat program pulled a number of tricks of us.
    Will try recording more later today – without voice this time 😀

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