6 Game Sequels to Expect in 2020

Games in 2020

We are in for an exciting 2020 in the world of gaming, and these are the sequels we look forward to in the coming months!

Don’t get us wrong; we get excited when a great new game hits the digital shelves. However, there is something that gets our hearts racing when we read an announcement of a sequel to a game we loved.

In 2019, we enjoyed amazing installments like Mortal Kombat 11 and Devil May Cry 5. Let’s take a look at the sequels we can look forward to in 2020. And until your favorite title is released, you can visit 888 Casino, a platform that constantly refreshes its offer with new slots, table games, and bonuses!

Games in 2020 1

Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2

The original installment of Bloodlines was released in 2004, which means it has been over 15 years since we played the first game in the series. However, nobody can deny it was one of the best PC and console releases that year.

Bloodlines 2 once again puts you in the position of a vampire, but this time in Seattle. The tensions among the vampire factions have never been this high, and you are in the middle of a problem.

The game features reactive storytelling, which means the outcome will depend on your choices. We don’t have the exact release date, but Bloodlines 2 will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is a working title, and this is not exactly a sequel, but a prequel to the original released in 2003. Although we loved the first game, we are a bit worried about the next installment. However, Ubisoft had a couple of hiccups during recent years, and BGE2 might be an ideal opportunity to get back on the right track.

The developers haven’t released a lot of information, but the community discusses a scenario where you play the role of a space pirate who can be a human or an animal/human hybrid. From there, you embark on exciting adventures filled with high-paced action.

Games in 2020 2

Psychonauts 2

It was in 2005 when we played the initial Psychonauts, but the community wants a sequel. The successful crowd-funding campaign confirms that since the developers raised almost $4 million for the next installment.

The problem is that it happened in 2016, and we still didn’t get the chance to play Psychonauts 2. The more time passes, the higher the expectations become, and we hope that they are aware of that at the Xbox Game Studios. The current release date is somewhere during 2020, and you will be able to play this game on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, macOS, and Linux.

Yakuza: Like a Dragon

Here is a release that you will surely get a chance to play in 2020. If you are in Japan, a localized version is already available in stores. As for the rest of the world, they will need to wait for the English version of the game patiently.

The good news is that Yakuza: Like a Dragon promises an interesting scenario and a genre change. Instead of participating in brawler fights, the next installment will focus on RPG concepts. SEGA still promises an exciting experience, which is why we are eager to see where this move will take the series. Yakuza is a PlayStation exclusive, and it will only be available for PS4.

Games in 2020 3

Halo Infinite

As many of these games, you can expect Halo Infinite in the last part of 2020. That is because the developers are waiting for the release of next-gen consoles. Halo will remain an Xbox exclusive, but apart from their upcoming console, it will also be available for Xbox One and PC.

The first-person shooter has a long tradition and many successful games over the years. However, we also witnessed some bad releases, which is why we are cautious about Halo Infinite. The next sequel features Master Chief for the sixth time, and it continues the “Reclaimer Saga” story.

The Last of Us Part II

Older gamers will remember Naughty Dog for their Crash Bandicoot franchise, but the truth is that they are now more famous for Uncharted and The Last of Us series. The famous survival horror adventure is set for release on May 29, and it will only be available on PlayStation 4.

We are expecting a lot from The Last of Us Part II, which will be set five years after the original. The developers already delayed the game ones, and we hope they had enough time to perfect it now.

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