A Total War Saga: Troy Shows Off Lernean Hydra

The developers of Total War Saga: Troy have revealed the Mythos DLC. The battle for Troy cannot be waged by man alone. A winged behemoth, a slithering serpent with many heads and a beast prowling the abyss — track them, harness them and turn the tide of war in the expansion.

One of such legendary beasts is the Lernean Hydra, a mighty water snake with poisonous attacks and virulent blood.  Find out how Hector plans on taming this slithering serpent and unleash its fury into battle in the trailer above.

About A Total War Saga: Troy – Mythos:

In this big, bold Expansion Pack, recruit monsters and creatures of myth to fight at your side, turning the tide of war on new fantastical battlefields and a refreshed campaign map.  Find the Cerberus – a vicious beast guarding the abyss – the Griffin – a winged master of the skies – and the Hydra – a nine-headed serpent spreading poison and madness. Harness their power and experience true myth to decide the fate of Troy once and for all.

  • Embark on grand expeditions in search of the Cerberus, Hydra or Griffin! Harness their powers in war, take them into Campaign and recruit their unique monstrous units.
  • Conquer your enemies with the help of mythical creatures such as swift Centaurs, fiendish Harpies and the earth-shaking Cyclops.
  • Marvel at the beautiful environments of the Mediterranean, now steeped in myth.
  • Please the Gods and gain fantastical new battle abilities, such as Zeus’ Thunderbolt.

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