Hell Let Loose PC Review

User Rating: 7.5
Hell Let Loose Review

As a fan of realistic, tactical shooters, I’m always on the lookout for new experiences in this sub-genre. Nowadays, big companies don’t usually step into developing highly realistic simulations. You don’t usually see something in the scale of Microsoft Flight Simulator in the other genres with the same level of realistic details.

As a result, most of the realistic shooters are being developed by indie teams who don’t have enough budget to finish the project. So, they decide to launch an unfinished game in the early access phase to gather enough money for completing the project.

Unfortunately, it takes several years for the developers to finally launch the full game, and most of the time it doesn’t meet the roadmap deadlines in the case of the release schedule. And that’s still good. Many projects never finish the early access phase and gradually lose players until the developers stop expanding the game.

Hell Let Loose 1

Hopefully, Hell Let Loose didn’t fall into the same trap. It took the developers a few months over two years to complete the project and launch as a full game on Steam. Of course, it doesn’t mean it’s flawless at the moment, but the level issues are equal to a relatively polished game from a big developer.

Hell Let Loose is a few levels above Battlefield 1 and 5 in the case of realism. It’s probably the closest playable and enjoyable game that you could ever get for real gunfights during World War 2 on a large scale.

Dropping you into 50v50 battles, Hell Let Loose could be a demo for Battlefield 2042’s upcoming 64v64 servers. The difference is things are really tough in Black Matter’s shooter experience. You need sharp ears, you need communications, and you need a great aiming to at least survive longer than your last spawn on the map.

Hell Let Loose 2

The first target in this game is not to get a kill, but to stay alive and help your squad to survive. Hell Let Loose is a tactical game and having communication with your squad is a vital part of it. You will never enjoy the game ultimately until you have an active squad, with each member trying to help the team with their intel.
It’s not a game where you drop into the map, get some kills, and respawn again. If you want a drop-in/drop-out shooter, you will not enjoy Hell Let Loose. Well, now that you know whether it’s your type or not, let’s see how the game approaches its aim in delivering a realistic World War 2 experience.

First of all, let’s get into the graphics. Hell Let Loose is not a benchmark for 9th-gen gaming. It does feature high-quality textures and good animations, but don’t expect something revolutionary. Hell Let Loose is more like a mid-8th-gen title which is still great. Something like Battlefield 1 with a little bit of downgrade.

When it comes to bugs and technical issues, Hell Let Loose is not a complete game. You should expect server disconnections and the game crashes now and then. That being said, the number of game-breaking bugs in gameplay is few. This is something that even big-budget full-price titles are dealing with at launch. So, you need to be a little bit patient.

Hell Let Loose 3

Gameplay is the core privilege of Hell Let Loose over other first-person shooters in the market. It’s hard and you need to spend time to get the hang of every weapon in the game. As a result, every kill that you get feels incredibly satisfying. There are no damage or threat indicators. So, it happens a lot that you don’t even know who from where killed you in the game. And that’s why communications and plans are important in the game.

When your squad takes over a building you should have a member scouting each side of it. And when you’re moving, you should have a plan. Not all the squad members could rush at once. You should have a front team and a support team to survive.

All these things are achieved by playing again and again. The progression in Hell Let Loose feels realistic and rewarding. You play more, you play better.

The replayability of the game is high as there’s always room to make further progress. Hell Let Loose features 9 maps and 14 roles. Mastering each one of the roles and getting to know every map will probably take hundreds of hours of gameplay if not thousands.

Despite providing hardcore and engaging gameplay, Hell Let Loose could suffer from a lack of variety in game modes in the future. The game only features a 50v50 mode that is being played in a kind of Capture the Flag format. While it’s not boring at all, but at some point, players would probably feel the need for a new game mode.

This review was completed with a code from PR.

Now, getting to the main question that you would probably ask: “Is Hell Let Loose worth the price?” Well, it depends. If you are a patient gamer against minor bugs and issues, and you love hardcore games, then you should get it. On the other hand, if you think you might not like the realism of the game or you don’t have any squads, then you’d better wait for a free weekend opportunity or a discount on the price.
  • Satisfying and realistic gameplay
  • A challenging but enjoyable learning curve
  • A large number of roles and weapons
  • Lack of various game modes
  • Too many server disconnections and game crashes

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