Abandon Ship – The Spider Islands Major Update

Fireblade Software has unleashed a new major update for Abandon Ship called The Spider Islands. The latest expansion brings three new regions into the game as well as a variety of other features like gameplay & visual customization, upgrades, more weapons and more.

Three new regions:

  • The Spider Islands. Fight off giant arachnids as they drop onto your vessel. Be mindful of your actions in quests, as some outcomes may result in them spreading beyond the region…
  • Cannibal’s Lurk. The savages that inhabit this region will attack any ship, but are they just defending their territory from aggressive settlers?
  • Peril’s Cauldron. Strange weapons can be found in this region, for those brave enough to go looking for them.

Ship Visual Blueprints:

The Visual Blueprints system is available from the Ship Management menu in the Journal, and once you’ve acquired a Blueprint you can swap over to it as long as you own the same class vessel.

You have to earn the Blueprint however, and you can only do so by capturing it intact. Your blueprints are not tied to a save game, so once you’ve unlocked a blueprint you’ve unlocked it in any of your games.

Ship Weapon Layouts:

Accompanying the Visual Blueprints is another ship-based system, and this one allows you to select a different weapon layout.

By choosing a Strike, Bombard or Heavy Bombard you can choose to forgo your cannon batteries and replace them with more Swivel Guns or Mortars. The Heavy Bombard can gain even more Mortars by losing the Swivel Guns on the ship.

Check out the Steam page containing the patch notes for the full list of features added with The Spider Islands or take a look at the video above to learn more!

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