Activision Throws Down the Gauntlet to Call of Duty Vanguard Cheaters

Without providing much detail, Activision developers have thrown down the virtual gauntlet to warn Call of Duty Vanguard cheaters that their days may be numbered. In a brief email announcement, the team said that cheaters should beware and that the dev team is “committed to doing our best”. Cryptically, the letter ended saying, “soon you’ll know what we mean”.

Call of Duty

Cheating in CoD games has been an issue for a very long time, perhaps as far back as the first game. The series, like the Battlefield games, seems to be a magnet for those who just can’t seem to play fair.  Activision has responded to rampant cheating with huge player bans that have done little to curb the problem. In fact, according to PCGamer, one prolific cheater “starred in an official Warzone anti-cheat ad while he was still cheating”.

We should learn more about what Activision has in mind later today. In the meantime, head to the Call of Duty official site to learn more about Vanguard that will be making its debut on November 5th.

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