AMC Is Set To Release A New Metal Detecting Game

AMC Games, the gaming division of the TV giant, has just announced an unusual new narrative adventure based on metal detecting, called The Magnificent Trufflepigs.

The very first title from UK based studio Thunkd, The Magnificent Trufflepigs is set to step out into the summer sun a little later this year and isn’t exactly comparable to much else. This narrative driven mystery somehow manages to mix the walking sim mechanics of Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture or Death Stranding, with a little detective work and metal detecting. Set out in the seemingly idyllic British countryside, this new tale of seemingly sedate adventure stars Arthur Darvill of Doctor Who and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow fame as a sharp-witted but compassionate man returning to his childhood village of Stanning. While there, you’ll take control of this central protagonist as this amateur treasure hunter and his companion Beth stumble on something hidden just beneath the surface of Stanning.

Mechanically, this involves a whole lot of exploration out in the wilds of an abandoned farm, leaving players to find treasure, dig it up and sift the soil to sort out what is worth keeping. Throughout your journey, you;’ll use tools like your walkie-talkie to talk to Beth, discussing the ongoing events and making choices that will directly impact the narrative. Suffice to say, The Magnificent Trufflepigs sounds as unique as its name.

“Thunkd is extremely proud of The Magnificent Trufflepigs, but gems like this can only be unearthed with the help of like-minded partners that are prepared to dig a bit deeper to find something special,” said Andrew Crawshaw, the lead designer of Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture and founder of Thunkd. “Everyone at AMC Games and SundanceTV has helped to ensure that making our first game has been an experience that we’ll treasure.”

Don’t expect a Waking Dead spin off just because AMC are involved in this unusual new title, but if you want something off the beaten track then check out the official Steam Store page The Magnificent Trufflepigs brings this metal detecting game to PC and Switch later this summer.

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