Marvel’s Avengers Review for PS4

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Marvel's Avengers

We all knew at one point that an Avengers game was in the works. Following the amazing Avengers movies, the team over at Crystal Dynamics had no easy task to try and match that level of hype. Marvel’s Avengers is a role-playing, action brawler game that delivers a singleplayer-cinematic like an Avengers movie story in video game form while allowing people to experience multiplayer in an ongoing endgame campaign. Crystal Dynamics has made Marvel’s Avengers an experience where you can play your way and it is worth experiencing. This is our Marvel’s Avengers review for PlayStation 4

Opening Impressions

For the most part, controls feel great for Marvel’s Avengers. It took a while for me to find my playstyle for Ironman. Specifically, just for Ironman alone, the controls felt weird until that point. I just could not get used to the flying controls and shooting with the repulsors. Graphics-wise if you have seen the trailer you have seen how good the graphics are. The realistic characters can be off-putting to some, but I tend to like it. They don’t have to look like the actors from the movies.

There is no character customization as far as picking individual colors for the characters’ looks. You can, however, equip different costumes. Some characters have cool costumes to choose from while others do not many appealing choices at the moment. Costumes can be acquired from the marketplace, from patterns, and from some missions. It’s also good to mention that most of the best ones can be obtained from the challenge card. Thor’s cool fur costume right now is the only one I really of like of his. I do wish there was a way to set a color scheme myself but that is just me wanting to satisfy the artsy side of me.

The Game

Going through the campaign with Kamala reuniting the Avengers team to take down AIM was a great experience. The campaign does a great job of introducing you to each character and their skills. The missions sometimes locked me into playing a specific character which is great. I found this nice to be able to check their skills and see how they play. Once I got a feel, I started spending points to build out their skills my way.

I love the skill system. Each character has multiple pages and branches for skills. This felt daunting at first because I wasn’t sure if skill points were limited and I didn’t want to mess up my build. I built my Ironman to have a laser weapon focused build. That means my skill points are invested in nodes that boost my laser attack damage and crits instead of the repulsor and missile weapons. 

Skills aren’t the only system in place to make your Avenger “YOUR Avenger,” there is equipment too. The equipment has different buffs or abilities that help your character. It is possible to get equipment that will boost your defense should your HP drop critical. Some abilities directly boost weapon attacks.

Overall, I like how they worked out the equipment. Having to put that extra thought into what I’m equipping as far as abilities on equipment is something I do not mind. For example, Black Widow may have an equipment piece that adds more crit to her semi-auto pistols which are good if you prefer using that over her other weapons. Building a character can get deep like with Destiny or Anthem. Specifically, my build has an armor piece that causes my lasers to do PEM particle damage. When it procs it makes the enemies smaller causing them to take more damage and do less damage to me. I’m hoping there are more effects like these coming in the future.

No Replay?!

You heard me. It should be noted that replayability is not a thing with Marvel’s Avengers. As they have opted to do the sort of live service for Marvel’s Avengers after the campaign ends, players will mostly play the Avengers Initiative mode which is the endgame and multiplayer stuff. I do love that they are doing the live play service making Marvel’s Avengers a long-term game. Overall Crystal Dynamics has given players the chance to experience the Avengers in a way not usually presented to them, to play their Avenger. It’s not often that anyone gets to write the words “my Ironman” or “my Hulk.” This something unique the game provides to its players.

The Ugly

I waited a good while to write a review because I got to play the beta like most everyone and I knew what was coming out of it. When Marvel’s Avengers launched it was a huge buggy mess. I mean multiplayer still didn’t work right. Captain America’s model was glitching out in a specific outfit. I wanted to give Marvel’s Avengers a fair shot, so I waited for patches it felt as if multiplayer was not ready for prime time in beta, let alone for after launch. 

Had I known the campaign was so short, it shouldn’t have launched in a state where people couldn’t play together until after the campaign is completed which is something that can be done in less than two days. It was unfortunate that I pre-ordered for the 3-day head start. The ability to play with friends would’ve been better off waiting. The head start felt like a beta.

Since the launch, patches have been deployed and Captain America’s glitch fixed. Endgame has not been as good as I would have hoped. It feels like I’m dredging along trying to get stronger equipment. Most of the time I get equipment that is a few power levels lower than I have on. The slow pace of gear progression is frustrating and it really feels like almost every mission is just “more of the same”. The feeling of repetition is there. I would rather wait for more content and characters as the current endgame loop is not very satisfying. The campaign is great, the story draws you in and keeps you. The endgame needs more and I imagine like other games in its vein it will acquire that over time. 

Final Thoughts

Marvel’s Avengers is a good game, with great combat, characters, and a great single-player campaign. The story Crystal Dynamics has told of not only the heroes but of their faults and their folly, and how it all leads to their rise again with help from an unknown hero who started as their biggest fan is so good. I wish it had a long campaign but it was a perfect cinematic story. The endgame is a bit disappointing but it is only the start. Marvel’s Avengers is fun but can be repetitive. Lots of buts here but its a live service game so I expect there will be improvements over time. There are 2 DLC’s this year with two new characters to look forward to. One being Kate Bishop who is set to come late next month. Look forward to it. I am hoping that the DLC’s will add much more story and content that does not seem like a repeat of the same objectives and enemies. Marvel’s Avengers is out now and if you are looking for a game to play.

This review was completed through a verified purchase of the game.

Marvel Avengers is a roleplaying action brawler video game. The combat is good and responsive. It has similar hub-style play similar to Monster Hunter and Anthem which is not everyone’s cup of tea. The main single-player campaign is short but there is much more once that is over. Quickly though it can feel repetitive once you reach the endgame.
  • Great single-player campaign story
  • Excellent combat
  • Play the heroes your way
  • Short campaign
  • Repetitive endgame
  • Gear progression is too slow

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