Anthem – Onward to Launch & No Guild Support

BioWare - Anthem

Bioware’s Chad Robertson, Head of Live Service, has written a new blog post on the community site to sum up the results of the free beta and what awaits Anthem in the future.

The public demo weekend had exceeded the developers’ expectations: Bioware had more than 30M hours of play in the across the two demo weekends.

Our focus now shifts 100% to launch and beyond. Our development team is hard at work on finalizing our launch builds and beginning our countdown preparations. As I’ve mentioned previously, the launch version of the game has a long list of updates and improvements that were not in the demo builds.  And, of course, launch will be the first time our community has access to the full game with all content.

There’s so much more than you saw in the demo and we can’t wait for you to play it. We’re also very hard at work on exciting post-launch content. You saw a small glimpse of it in the game Sunday.  We’ll have much more to share on that soon.

Onward! Stronger Together!

Ben Irving recently took to Reddit to explain some social aspects of Anthem: how the developers will encourage players to stick together most of all.

The Alliance system: players receive experience for their expedition activities such as Mission, Contract, Freeplay and Stronghold. That experience, including the experience of people you’ve grouped up with and players on your friend’s list who might have ventured forth without you – will contribute to the Alliance system.

At the end of every week, you are awarded Coin (our in-game earned currency, used to purchase various items throughout the game) based on how much experience was contributed to the Alliance System. There are several tiers you can work through each week as well as a weekly cap. We want to encourage players to form friendships and play together and we’ve created the Alliance System to do just that!

Guilds will not be available at launch. While Bioware believes in the Alliance system, the developers will try to release guilds ASAP.

Anthem launches worldwide on February 22.

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